School of Aviation and Security Blogs

Studying for a degree and training to become a commercial pilot

Jacob | 23 September 2020

One must wonder how you can possibly study for a degree and train to become a commercial pilot at the same time. Well, at Bucks, you can do just that as the structure of the course helps manage your time.

What You Need to Know - Pilot Medical Edition

Tamyra | 23 September 2020

A breakdown of medical information that you need to know in order to gain your Pilot Licence.

Air Transport Management Interview with 1st Year Student

Fareeha | 22 September 2020

Priyanka shares her experiences of being a first year student and working her way towards obtaining a Private Pilot's Licence.

A breakdown of BA (Hons) Airline and Airport Management

Charlie Walsh | 16 September 2020

In 2020 I graduated from this programme, and I thought I would share my first-hand experience studying this course and things I wish I knew before I started studying.

A day in the life of an airline and airport management student

Charlie Walsh | 16 September 2020

My course that I studied for 3 years is in the School of Aviation and Security. It’s fair to say no day studying Airline and Airport Management was the same

Flying all over the place

Jacob Donovan | 02 September 2020

My first year at Bucks has been somewhat of a rollercoaster ride, although an enjoyable one.

A Year in review (3rd Year Commercial Pilot License Aviation Student)

Fareeha Ahmed | 14 July 2020

Upon starting my third year, every lecturer had drilled the idea that this year will go within the blink of an eye and I cannot even begin to fathom how much they were right.

Why did I choose Bucks New University?

Fareeha Ahmed | 14 July 2020

Whilst traditionally, many aspiring pilots go straight to flight school, an equally longing dream of mine was to hold a bachelor’s degree and graduate from university.