Accommodation at Bucks

There is a range of accommodation on offer for Bucks students. There are three different halls available, which are all within a 20 minute walk to the High Wycombe campus. Also there’s guaranteed accommodation for all first year students.

These halls are Brook Street, Hughenden Park and Windsor. Rooms in the student accommodation, starts at £80 per week. My own experience of the accommodation on offer, was mainly at Brook Street Halls. All rooms that Bucks offers has the following necessities;

  • No deposit, flexible contract period and a public health crisis guarantee
  • All utilities, free Wi-Fi and contents insurance
  • 24 hr security and on-site pastoral and welfare provision
  • Bedding, cleaning and welcome packs available on request

There is a room inventory for you to complete once you have moved in, this is to make sure everything is up to standard.

If you are in a halls of residence and not a private studio, you share a kitchen with your other flatmates. Once you move in, a great idea is to delegate cupboards and fridge and freezer shelves between yourselves, this way there won’t be any disagreements down the line.

When you get to your new home, you will find that some items (such as the toaster) will be something as a flat you may need to get and share amongst you all. So it is useful to wait until you get there before you buy these sorts of items as there may be one already there or you can take a visit to Bucks New Usage and browse the free items they have for you.

A few Senior Residents live in each halls. These students are there to help if you have any queries, whether it be forgetting or losing your keys to needing someone to talk to and help resolve flat issues. As well as this there are also a great team of maintenance and security staff who will do their best to ensure you are safe and any issues you have are fixed quickly.

During my time living at Brook Street Halls, I found that the rooms were of a good size with plenty of space, which was great for me as I had lots of equipment for my course. In my room I also had a sink which was really helpful as when the kitchen sink was busy, I could wash up in my room without being in the way. The bathroom and shower room were also shared, however it was a good size and didn’t feel cramped.

As there were lots of shared areas in the flat I got to know my new flatmates really well, which was comforting as overtime you make friends. Having the ability to receive post throughout the day without having to stay in was great. If something was delivered while I was at university, reception would take it and it would be in my post shelf when I got back. The staff were great and I had a great time over the 3 years which I stayed there.

If you are looking at staying in privately rented halls or a housing the accommodation team are there to help you with everything from contracts and clauses to legit landlords.