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Here, our student bloggers share their stories in their own words. We know that the people best placed to communicate what life is really like at Bucks New University are our current and past students.

As well as reading our students' blogs, you can also chat with them to find out more details about our courses, facilities, accommodation, or university life in general.

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What to expect from your first week at uni

Fareeha Ahmed | 5 May 2020

You may think that university is all about studying hard. However, in your first week you are allowed to have fun and time to settle in.

Nurses looking at patient's chart

Life on placement

Lisa Connell | 17 April 2020

Whilst I can’t describe a typical day (because no two days are the same), I can describe some of the routines I’ve had so far.

Our doors are open

Tips for your Nursing Selection Day

Lisa Connell | 6 April 2020

People forget that nursing isn’t just about your stellar grades and achievements, it’s about who you are as a person.

Money saving tips and tricks

Edgar Woodhead | 5 April 2020

Some textbooks can be up to £75 so I’d advise you to check the library for these books before ordering them.

High Wycombe campus

How to make the most of a #BucksOpenDay

Samuel Whitfield | 4 April 2020

As a prospective student looking at university, there is a few things I would suggest you do to get the most out of your open day.

Top tips for writing your personal statement

Top tips for writing your personal statement

Edgar Woodhead | 21 May 2020

Top tips for writing a personal statement, as well as some handy ways of making yours stand out from the rest.

Why did I choose Bucks New University?

Fareeha Ahmed | 14 July 2020

Whilst traditionally, many aspiring pilots go straight to flight school, an equally longing dream of mine was to hold a bachelor’s degree and graduate from university.

A Year in review (3rd Year Commercial Pilot License Aviation Student)

Fareeha Ahmed | 14 July 2020

Upon starting my third year, every lecturer had drilled the idea that this year will go within the blink of an eye and I cannot even begin to fathom how much they were right.

Top tips for new students

Shannon Broadbridge | 20 July 2020

Hello! I’m Shannon, a third year Performing Arts student. Like you, I was once beginning my Bucks journey. Here is a list of tips that helped me out as a first year.

Top tips for studying at home

Shannon Broadbridge | 20 July 2020

Hello! I’m Shannon, a third year Performing Arts student. Over these past few months I’ve had to do my studies at home (thanks Covid-19). I’ve picked up some tips and tricks along the way which have helped me and could help you!

Accommodation at Bucks

Samuel | 20 July 2020

There is a range of accommodation on offer for Bucks students. There are three different halls available, which are all within a 20 minute walk to the High Wycombe campus.

What are Senior Residents?

Seb Clark and Eryn Anderson | 24 July 2020

We as SR’s are diverse in that we all have different backgrounds and experience that can be used when helping students who are facing personal and welfare issues.