Money saving tips

Over my time at university I’ve accumulated some money saving tips, which I will share with you now!


Cheap supermarkets

I have found that food is always the largest amount of money to come out of my bank account, so my first tip is to save by shopping at cheaper supermarkets such as Aldi or Lidl. We have both Aldi and Lidl in High Wycombe and they are just a short walk from our university halls of accommodation. My former £30 per week food shop is now just £15 from shopping at these supermarkets. You can also get some pretty good deals, and if you shop in the evenings you can get reduced items too!

Meal planning

This year I have also started meal planning. I do this to make sure I don’t eat unhealthily and to save money on food. I plan my meals out on a Saturday before I go to do my shop, and it means that I only buy things that I’m going to eat that week and I hardly waste any food! Meals out with your friends can also be really expensive, so make sure you always look on the UNiDAYS or Student Beans website before deciding where to eat, because there are always deals such as 25% off Pizza Express and Ask Italian. Moreover, High Wycombe has many well-known restaurant brands that offer their own discounts, and independent ones such as Noodle Nation that also offer student discount.

Available facilities

By using university facilities, you can also save some money. For all you gym lovers, you can get a special student membership price at our university gym, allowing you to keep fit for less. Or why not go to the large beautiful parks around our university campus? That way you can keep fit for free! At the start of my course, I got given a list of all the books I would need for my years of studying. Some textbooks can be up to £75 so I’d advise you check the library for these books before ordering them.


Travel tips

Another tip is, if you get the bus anywhere, download the bus company apps! They do deals for students which work out cheaper than buying your ticket on-board, this is great if you use the bus often! Railcards will also become very useful when you’re at university, they are around £30 for the year and give you 1/3 off fares. These are great to use from High Wycombe station which has links to London and Oxford!

Entertainment deals

My last hack is quite possibly the best. Compare the Market do 2-4-1 cinema tickets and 2-4-1 deals at loads of restaurants, and if you think you need to buy insurance, you can buy £1 travel insurance in the UK and get deals all year round (this may change and is not guaranteed) - best hack ever!

Edgar, BA (Hons) Air Transport Management with Commercial Pilot Training

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