The future of Aviation in light of COVID

So you want to study Aviation? Not sure if now is the right time? There’s no denying that COVID has had an effect on all industries globally, including Aviation. The current climate has taken everyone by surprise and thrown us all into a mask wearing, lockdown, finding the new normal predicament.  This also extends to our industries who now face new operating conditions and unpredictability. Covid has seen the rise and fall of many business, however aviation has been able to adapt some of their operations and business models.

Bucks New University offers a range of Aviation courses, allowing our students to study their dream careers. This hasn’t stopped during the pandemic either. Bucks has adapted their modules and courses so you still get the full degree experience.

The lockdowns prove to be a hurdle for aviation, as demand and passenger numbers hit their lowest and many routes were, and still remain, cancelled. However, the industry has adapted. Many passenger airlines have converted their aircrafts into freight carriers as demand and supply has risen since the pandemic.


So what do we do in the meantime? Well although the current pandemic isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, it will eventually reach a manageable level and we will start to see normality set back in, with aviation reaching their pre-pandemic demand levels. So now is the perfect time to start your degree and how many people can say they still aced it during a pandemic?

Our Airline and Airport Management BA (Hons) course is a 3-year aviation management course. Especially during the current climate, this area of expertise will be required significantly. Throughout the course you will have the chance to create pieces of material which will reflect how businesses within aviation have responded and managed before and during the pandemic. This will benefit you when applying for jobs in the industry, as you can demonstrate your understanding under all circumstances. Read more about this course on our website.

We also offer an MSc in Aviation Organisational Resilience course. After completing a BA (Hons) in Airline and Airport Management, I decided to study this master’s course to broaden my knowledge in this particular area. The course teaches a number of modules based on how organisations in aviation become resilient and manage their risk. Bucks were a fantastic help to me during the transition between my undergraduate and postgraduate level, offering me information and support.

Originally, I was going to enter the industry during COVID however decided to take a circuit breaker while things got back to normal and study the master’s course.

The pandemic has added another layer to the aviation industry and organisations will be using more resources, money and people to be experts in this area. To find out more about this course, visit our website.

If you ever have any worries or need support with your future careers, Bucks will always be here to help! Our range of courses are taught by industry-experienced lecturers who have had previous careers within aviation.

If you have any more questions on the right Aviation Degree for you and your dream career, chat online to staff and students or check out our Aviation school page.

Blog written by Charlie King