Career routes with an Aviation Management degree

So you want to get into the aviation industry? As a significantly large global sector, serving as a primary transportation system for people and cargo, there’s plenty of roles you could take on. What Aviation course you study can determine what job role you end up in, and at Bucks there is something for everyone.


The right course

If you want to have a career in the management side of the industry, you’ll really benefit from joining our Airline and Airport Management course. The course is three years long and at the end of it, if successful, you’ll acquire a BA(Hons). The course covers an extensive range of different areas of the industry when considering business and management, and allows you to gain a detailed understanding of the industry. Bucks also offers a BSc (Hons) Air Transport with Commercial Pilot Training degree and a BSc (Hons) Air Transport with Helicopter Pilot Training degree.

We also have a selection of Postgraduate level courses here at Bucks, allowing you to learn a more detailed and expertise level of understanding. The master’s courses are more defined to a particular area of the industry, for example Aviation Organisational Resilience. This course teaches you a much more detailed focus on how to identify, manage and apply resilience to business operations.


After you graduate

Once you’ve graduated your next step is to start looking for your dream job in the industry.

An academic degree in Aviation will almost certainly make employers take an interest in you.

Applying for Jobs

A top tip for entering the industry is to make a LinkedIn profile. This is basically a social media platform but for professionals. When you apply for jobs employers will often research you on LinkedIn.

Here at Bucks we also give you access to fantastic facilities to help you improve your professional image, such as a CV coach which helps you to tick all the must haves for your CV.

If you have any more questions on the right Aviation Degree for you and your dream career, chat online to staff and students or check out our Aviation school page.

Blog written by Charlie King