Being a member in the Aviation Society

I’m a member of the Aviation Society and since joining, I’ve had many experiences that have been great fun, and as a bonus, have helped me in my studies as I strive to become a commercial pilot. Most societies at Bucks are completely free thanks to the Students’ Union and the ‘Big Deal’ – check out our Student Union website to find out more about all of our societies, there’s something for everyone!

British Airways Waterside

Our first society event of the year was a trip to see the British Airways head office at Waterside. We got to see the BA crew centre hidden beneath the check in machines at Terminal 5. We also toured all around the building, including the museum so we dived into the history of the airline. Some of us even got to sit in on a cabin crew briefing for a flight to Hamburg. It gave me a really interesting insight to how a flight is operated.


easyJet Rising: The Tony Anderson Visit

Tony Anderson, easyJet’s third ever employee, visited the university to deliver a lecture on how the airline began. He told us all about the cheap marketing tactics used to propel easyJet to the fame it has today. His visit was in support of the launch of his new book ‘easyJet Rising’ which details how he came on board with the easyJet brand alongside the founder of easyJet himself, Stelios! Tony talks about how he helped expand the brand. He was another unforgettable guest!


RAF Museum Hendon

One of the final trips we took before the pandemic hit was to the RAF Museum in Hendon. Many historical military aircrafts are based here, including the famous Lancaster Bomber (pictured with us here below), and the Vulcan! This was one of the most memorable trips of the year for me and I loved that we got to go as one big group.


The society during the pandemic

As the pandemic continues, with the Aviation society being one that relies on guest speakers and trips, things have had to change this year. We’ve had guest speakers join us online in the university’s virtual rooms which has been brilliant, but sadly our trips have been postponed. However, with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator up and running on many of our laptops, we have been able to socialise in other ways which has been brilliant.

Blog written by Jacob, Second year Student
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