Air Transport with Commercial Pilot Training Course Breakdown

Year one (First Year)
  • Private Pilot’s Licence – Once a week you will be at a flight school completing your practical training towards obtaining your PPL. You’ll be taking to the skies within your first few weeks of starting the course and working through the required training towards getting your first licence!
  • University – The rest of the week is spent at the High Wycombe campus completing lectures and seminars on academic modules such as Airline Management and Airport Operations. You’ll also be completing groundschool classes towards your PPL theory exams.
Year Two (Second Year)
  • ATPL Theory – During your second year of university, you’ll be at your chosen flight school studying for your ATPL theory exams. This is considered to be the hardest part of training as you will be timetabled in for at least 750 classroom hours, required towards obtaining your commercial licence.
  • Hour Building – Once you have successfully completed your exams, you have the option to spend your summer flying around and completing the necessary hours required before starting your training for your CPL. This can be done anywhere in the world, and many students choose to fly around Europe or the States!

Year Three (Third Year)
  • University – Back to High Wycombe! Here, you’ll be completing all the relevant academic modules such as Aviation Finance & Economics, and Strategic Management. This also includes completing the big dissertation research project or business enterprise module!
  • Advanced Training – After completing your academic modules, you will then be going back to flight school to finish the remainder of your training (e.g. CPL/IR). Once completed, you will be the proud holder of a Frozen ATPL and a Bucks graduate!

Blog written by Fareeha, a Air Transport with Commercial Pilot Training graduate.