Air Transport Management Interview with 1st Year Student

BSc (Hons) Air Transport Management with Commercial Pilot training degrees have many dedicated students, I recently sat down and spoke to Priyanka, who shared her experiences as a first-year student.

When asking her why she joined this course at Bucks, she replied: ‘it allows me to pursue my dream of becoming a commercial pilot, as well as gaining a degree alongside and enhancing my skills and understanding of the industry which will continuously help me through my future.’


Like many of our Commercial Pilot students, Priyanka has specifically chosen to do this course as she believes ‘obtaining the degree also means that I will have something to fall back on when situations like the COVID-19 Pandemic affect the industry drastically.’

Alongside academic modules at the university, first-year students on the commercial course will embark on training towards achieving their Private Pilot’s Licence. Many training schools are already partnered with the University, but the students have full preference on where they choose to go.

‘I chose GoFly Oxford, and it is located at my local airport.’ says Priyanka, ‘I chose this training academy because they have been very welcoming from the beginning and have done all they can to help me be a better pilot.’


‘This academy has always supported young pilots, especially females in this industry which makes me very proud to be a part of the GoFly Family, and I cannot wait to keep flying with them.’

Once obtaining her Private Licence, like her peers, Priyanka will continue to complete her training and university modules towards successfully achieving her bachelor’s award and Commercial Pilot’s Licence.

Blog written by Fareeha, a Air Transport with Commercial Pilot Training graduate.