A Year in Review – 3rd Year Commercial Pilot License Aviation Student

A Year in Review – 3rd Year CPL Aviation Student

After having spent my second year away from Bucks at my chosen flight school, returning to campus for my third year filled me with a bit of apprehension. Fulfilling the academic requirements for my final year and adapting to ‘uni life’ all over again was playing on my mind!

However, these worries were quickly put to rest when I got back on campus and into the swing of things.

Upon starting my third year, every lecturer had drilled the idea that this year will go within the blink of an eye and I cannot even begin to fathom how much they were right.

As a third-year student, you are in class for a lot less time in comparison to first year. This is because the majority of your work transitions towards independent study, which means that the library swiftly becomes your second home.


For many university students, third year is when you begin your dissertation research project. Due to its extensive academic requirements, this time is considered as the most stressful part of your university journey.

However, having now successfully completed mine, I can say that it is not quite as daunting as it is made out to be! Choosing a topic you are enthusiastic about is important, but keeping on top of things from the start is the key to success – this also applies to every module in third year.

The workload for third year was greater than I had expected due to the higher level and standard of work required. But because I was better able to understand the way I studied from the previous years; good habits had already been developed which meant that I was ready to tackle the tasks ahead.

Looking back, I can definitely say that third year was my favourite and most memorable year. The friendships I have made and the memories we have created have been priceless. I have undeniably grown into a much more confident and outspoken person through the experiences presented to me over the years.

I would love to be able to redo the whole university experience all over again, I enjoyed it that much.

Blog written by Fareeha, a Air Transport with Commercial Pilot Training graduate.