A run-down of Aviation Finance and Economics module

Bucks New University offers a number of different aviation focussed courses, incorporating relevant material that will benefit you when entering the industry. Throughout your modules you will gain a detailed understanding of the industry. You will then be able to create a piece of coursework, presentation or exam to reflect your new gained knowledge. In this blog I’ll be covering the Aviation Economics and Finance module on the Airline and Airport Management course.

Firstly, this module covers a detailed idea of how the Aviation industry manages its finance, an important consideration due to its highly competitive market. The module takes you through every detail and area a business in the Aviation industry has to consider. Maths has never been my strong point, this is something that worried me at the start of this year long module. However, the module has been designed in a way that aids extensive understanding, no matter how good your maths is!

Like all modules, this module required you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding through different channels of academic work. Firstly, you’ll have to sit a short exam, testing your knowledge on the different metrics involved when calculating different parameters and performance of an airline or airport. There’s no need to worry about this exam though! You’ll be guided step by step by the module leader. If you ever need any additional support our staff at Bucks will be more than happy to help.

The second piece of work is a report which will require you to write about the performance of your airline... yes that’s right, your airline! At the start of the module you’ll be introduced to an online simulator, used to set up your very own airline. You’ll get to choose your own airlines name, logo and how you operate it. In the fictional world on the simulation you’ll compete with your classmates’ airlines for elements such as profit, passengers and market share. Each week your lecturer will share the score board with the class. Then, when you’ve collected all your data from the simulation, you’ll be able to write up your report. During my three years studying Airline and Airport Management, this was one of the best modules. The Airline and Airport Management course which incorporates this module can be found here.

Blog written by Charlie, a Msc Aviation Organisational Resilience student