A day in the life of an airline and airport management student

Every course at Bucks is different. The University is divided into schools which specialise in certain industries. My course that I studied for 3 years is in the School of Aviation and Security. It’s fair to say no day studying Airline and Airport Management was the same. I learnt new skills and knowledge daily and I’d thought I’d share that typical day with you.

Monday morning usually would start off with a 9am lecture, which meant I’d get up and leave to get to campus at 8.50am before all the good seats in the lecture theatre were taken. It also meant I could grab a coffee from one of the on campus cafes Beats, Rusty. On a normal day I’d usually have a seminar following my hour lecture. You tend to get a break between the two which is always handy if you want to pop into town and get some brunch.


At around 10:50 we’d head back over to campus so we could get ourselves sorted promptly for the two hour seminar starting at 11.00am. The lessons would be spent discussing in more depth and on a more personal basis what was covered in the lecture. We would then have to work in teams to create content to present to the rest of the class or research the topic we were learning about. Don’t worry if you’re nervous about presenting – everyone is in the same boat and the more you practice the easier it gets.

At the end of the seminar, your day is done and you are free to go home or head to the library and start course work. One of my tips is to start all your coursework early and stay ahead, this means that you can then have a nice social and work life balance without the pressure of deadlines.

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A blog written by Charlie, a Aviation Organisational Resilience student.