School of Aviation and Security Blogs

Being a member in the Aviation Society

Jacob | 3 December 2020

Since joining the Aviation Society, Jacob has had many experiences that've been very beneficial to him as he strives towards becoming a Commercial Pilot.

Career routes with an Aviation Management degree

Charlie | 19 November 2020

Charlie describes the benefits of joining our Aviation courses and the potential career paths that will be open to you after graduation.

The future of Aviation in light of COVID

Charlie | 19 November 2020

Charlie discusses how Bucks has adapted the Aviation modules and courses to allow students to get the "full degree experience".

image of a pilot talking to passengers on board a plane

A run-down of the Aviation Finance and Economics module

Charlie | 15 October 2020

In this blog I’ll be covering the Aviation Economics and Finance module on the Airline and Airport Management course.

Air Transport with Commercial Pilot Training - Course Breakdown

Fareeha | 12 October 2020

This blog provides a brief summary of my three years at Bucks studying Air Transport with commercial Pilot Training and what you need to know.

Studying for a degree and training to become a commercial pilot

Jacob | 23 September 2020

One must wonder how you can possibly study for a degree and train to become a commercial pilot at the same time. Well, at Bucks, you can do just that as the structure of the course helps manage your time.

What You Need to Know - Pilot Medical Edition

Tamyra | 23 September 2020

A breakdown of medical information that you need to know in order to gain your Pilot Licence.

Air Transport Management Interview with 1st Year Student

Fareeha | 22 September 2020

Priyanka shares her experiences of being a first year student and working her way towards obtaining a Private Pilot's Licence.

A breakdown of BA (Hons) Airline and Airport Management

Charlie Walsh | 16 September 2020

In 2020 I graduated from this programme, and I thought I would share my first-hand experience studying this course and things I wish I knew before I started studying.

A day in the life of an airline and airport management student

Charlie Walsh | 16 September 2020

My course that I studied for 3 years is in the School of Aviation and Security. It’s fair to say no day studying Airline and Airport Management was the same

Flying all over the place

Jacob Donovan | 02 September 2020

My first year at Bucks has been somewhat of a rollercoaster ride, although an enjoyable one.

A Year in review (3rd Year Commercial Pilot License Aviation Student)

Fareeha Ahmed | 14 July 2020

Upon starting my third year, every lecturer had drilled the idea that this year will go within the blink of an eye and I cannot even begin to fathom how much they were right.

Why did I choose Bucks New University?

Fareeha Ahmed | 14 July 2020

Whilst traditionally, many aspiring pilots go straight to flight school, an equally longing dream of mine was to hold a bachelor’s degree and graduate from university.