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What to do after University?

Shannon | 25 February 2021

Hello! My name is Shannon, a third year Performing Arts student at BNU. I’ll be graduating this year, which means it's time to start thinking about my career and what I want to do next!

2020: A year in the life of a Performance Student

Shannon | 17 December 2020

Shannon discusses the challenges of studying Performing Arts during a pandemic and how she learnt to create her own projects independently.

A Day in the Life of a Performing Arts Student

Bernie | 26 November 2020

Bernie gives an insightful tour of a 'typical' day studying Performing Arts at Bucks New University; from her accommodation through to daily workshops and activities.

Putting on a production

Shannon | 16 October 2020

Hello! My name’s Shannon and I do Performing Arts (Film, Tv and Stage) at BNU. In our second year, we did a Film and Theatre Production module. Part of this included putting on a theatre show!

Top tips for succeeding on your Performing Arts course

Shannon | 22 September 2020

As a Performing Arts student there are many things I’ve learnt along the way which I wish I had worked out the start of my degree. Here a few of my top tips to help you make the most out of your Bucks journey:

Interview advice and tips for Performing Arts

Shannon | 22 September 2020

I study Performing Arts (Film, TV and Stage). For your application, you are required to perform an audition piece and complete an interview. Here are some of my top tips for preparing and the audition day!

Creative Advertising - Interview and Portfolio Tips

Charlie | 22 September 2020

A range of top tips to consider if you have been invited for a Creative Advertising interview.

Things you need to start your garment designing journey

Dominika | 21 September 2020

Over two years of studying fashion design I have accumulated plenty of tools that I use for designing, sewing and pattern making. Here is a list of useful tools and equipment which will assist you from your very first project.

Interview and Audition Tips for Dance

Abbie | 21 September 2020

A few helpful tips on how to sell yourself, stay positive and fully prepare for a Dance interview.

Why you should study Fashion Promotion and Communication

Susana | 17 September 2020

Susana discusses the benefits of the Fashion Promotion and Communication course at the University and highlights the advantages of studying at Bucks New University.

Why should I study Performing Arts at Bucks Uni?

Shannon | 04 September 2020

It can be really difficult choosing which university to study at. Here are a few reasons why I enjoy the course and I would recommend it to anyone!

Why Study Dance at Bucks New University?

Abbie | 27 August 2020

I'm currently starting my third year of the Dance and Performance course but choosing a university for Dance was very difficult so here are just a couple of reasons out of many for why Bucks stood out to me.

5 reasons why you should study Fashion Design at Bucks New Uni

Dominika | 27 August 2020

Do you want to kick-start your career in the fashion industry? If yes, here are five reasons why Bucks is the place for you to do that.

Overcoming lockdown challenges strengthens Ellie's skills

Ellie | 17 August 2020

Completing her final major project at home due to the Coronavirus situation presented plenty of challenges for Textile Design student Ellie Lennard but she feels the experience has left her well equipped as she embarks on her career.