Gateway Gym FAQ's

Important information before using the gym following the UK National Lockdown

If you are a returning member, please touch base with a Fitness Coach at the start of your first visit back so that we can update you on any new measures and expectations for safe exercise.

  • Bring your own water as University water fountains have been disabled
  • No towels permitted
  • Consider showering at home
  • Limit all personal belongings and keep them with you in pockets
  • If you travel by public transport please bring a change of clothes to exercise in
  • Hairdryers have been removed
  • Remember not to train with anyone outside your household or ‘bubble’
  • Please take extra care to do everything you can to ensure your own safety as well as the safety of other gym users

Simply email with your name, Bucks ID card number and the specific date you wish to return. Please give us 24hrs notice where possible. When we receive your email we will be in touch with some important details.

No need to re-activate your membership, it will continue automatically from 2 December. Any days that you were not able to use the gym due to lockdown 2.0 will be credited back to you.

No. We have not approached our capacity for usage at any one time and so there is no need to book. We are however continuously monitoring the situation and we have an online booking system ready if we need to use it.

Yes, although we have limited the number of available cubicles to 2 from 4 in each shower area. We also encourage members to consider showering at home if possible.

Yes, although where possible we encourage members to consider bringing only items that can fit in a pocket whilst using the gym.

Unfortunately, all University water fountains have been disabled. Please bring enough water for your workout.

Some items of equipment have been removed from use in the interests of maintaining appropriate social distancing. However, we have made sure that the resistance equipment available still allows members to exercise all muscle groups and all types of cardio machine are able to be used. Some items of equipment, weighted vests for example, have been removed from use.

Yes. The Fitness Team are cleaning throughout the day, concentrating on touch points, handles, screens, buttons etc. In addition, it is an expectation that all members clean every machine they make use of with the antibacterial wipes provided.

Understandably, the new ways of using our exercise facilities and services will take a little getting used to and people will occasionally make mistakes. This is one of the reasons for the numerous reminders we have posted around the facilities. Equally understandably there is an increased awareness of the need for hygiene, social distancing and the effect that people’s actions, or inactions, have on others. We want to provide you with as safe an exercise environment as possible and so we ask that you draw anything that you are concerned about to the attention of the Fitness Team who will deal with it appropriately.

Yes! During lockdowns we have moved much of our group exercise programme online. Our ‘Moving Online’ schedule can be seen here along with details of how to book. We look forward to seeing you.