Aylesbury Accommodation

The accommodation service at the present time does not operate any accommodation in Aylesbury for Aylesbury students. We can offer Halls of Residence in High Wycombe which would entail a journey by bus of 1 hour or by train of 35 minutes.

When you rent from the private sector, the Accommodation Service at Bucks can help you with:

  • Contract checking - we can review any contract before you sign it.
  • Landlord issues - we can advise you with any problems you may have with your landlord.
  • Issues with residents - we can advise you with any problems you have with local residents and neighbours.

Once you have a firm offer, conditional or unconditional, and you have accepted Bucks as your first choice, you will automatically receive our welcome email with a link to the Accommodation Portal. Simply follow the on screen instructions to complete your application. Please note, this process can take up to 5 working days.

More questions?

Please visit our FAQ page for more helpful information. Alternatively call us on 01494 603 063 or email accommodation@bucks.ac.uk