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Erasmus & Exchanges

Our students have two opportunities to study abroad: the overseas programme or the European Erasmus+ Programme. The latter runs with the support of the  British Council a National Agency  for the Erasmus+ Programme and the European Commission. 

Buckinghamshire New University was awarded the Erasmus Charter for the new Erasmus+ programme which officially started in January 2014 and will be running to 2020.

The overseas programme gives you the opportunity to live and study for one semester in certain countries outside Europe. The European Union-funded Erasmus Programme offers the same opportunity for Europe.

There are many reasons why studying abroad can be a beneficial experience which includes:

  • enhancement of your employability by adding an international dimension to your CV,
  • increasing your cultural awareness by opening your mind to new ideas from other cultures,
  • gaining an international network of friends,
  • improving your language skills,
  • experiencing life in a different country,
  • growing as an individual by mastering new challenges,
  • standing out from the rest.

If you are interested in an academic exchange from Bucks to another institution in Europe or overseas please find information on the application process here.