• Study mode: Full Time
  • Location: High Wycombe
  • Duration: Four Years
  • Start Date: September 2019

Course Overview

Interested in songwriting, but not sure how to make a go of it as a career? Like the idea of getting some expert guidance and the space to focus on, and hone, your craft?

This degree lets you develop your songwriting skills to a professional standard, and learn about recording, while also understanding how to promote and make money from your songs.

If you’re got a flair for writing and love music, this is the ideal way to get a step up into this exciting, competitive industry.

Hone your skills

During your three years, we’ll guide you through the art of songwriting, and give you plenty of opportunity to develop your skills in our state-of-the-art studios.

You’ll work on material with our experienced tutors, and explore a variety of techniques for writing songs to maximise your creative potential.

As an integral part of that, you’ll learn about audio production and recording, so you become confident at producing recordings of your own and other people’s work.


Songwriting is just one part of a bigger music production picture, so you’ll study modules, and collaborate with students, from our other well-established music courses, such as Audio and Music Production, and Music Management and Studio Production.

You’ll take part in shared masterclasses and attend guest lectures with our industry partners and associates, including professional songwriters and music publishers, who’ll share the latest insights and expert knowledge with you.

Get prepared for employment

Songwriting isn’t just a creative pursuit. It’s a business. And we’ll make sure you understand how to promote and monetise your creativity, alongside developing your songwriting talents.

You’ll study music publishing – the business of making songs – and learn how to protect your work with legal copyright, as well as covering areas such as marketing, a vital aspect of building your brand as a professional songwriter.

You’ll learn about a number of DIY approaches to the music business, and explore other areas of music entrepreneurship too, such as sources of funding and how to set yourself up as a business.

Who is it for?

This degree is for anyone interested in pursuing a professional songwriting career.

This course is offered as a four year programme, including an initial Foundation Year. The Foundation Year will allow you to develop your academic study skills and build confidence in your abilities, identifying your own strengths and development needs for progression onto an undergraduate degree.

More placements, more choices

Bucks is a Placements Plus university. So, whatever degree you do, you can be sure there’ll be plenty of industry-relevant opportunities on offer, to help you get into your chosen field.

We’ll also prepare you for work beforehand, with special skills for work training, further boosting your CV, and building skills employers will value. In recognition of the value we place on these skills we have incorporated this experience into your study time.

Placements Plus is all about helping you get some valuable experience under your belt while you’re a student. To increase your choices later, and help you get the graduate-level job you want.

Course Details


This degree covers the three main areas essential to building a career in this competitive field: songwriting ability, recording knowledge, and business know-how. You need all three to make a go of this professionally and we’ll ensure you have the tools, experience and industry awareness to get your career off to the strongest possible start.

Work with experts

Our tutors have all worked in the industry and many are involved in research, so you’ll be supported by people with a wealth of expertise to share, in fields such as music publishing and artist & repertoire.

We bring in visiting tutors to keep you updated on the latest developments in songwriting, and run masterclasses in areas such as the latest recording techniques, to boost your skills to the next level.

Use professional equipment and studios

In several modules, you’ll get to use our industry-standard recording studios, which include both individual edit rooms and large Pro Tools HD studios, with attached live rooms and vocal booths. Our main studio has been fully equipped by our partners, Sennheiser, a world leading production supplier. We have other top quality suppliers, including Midas, Focusrite, Novation and AC Lighting, so you can get your hands on some of the best tools in the business.

What are the course entry requirements?

Applicants who do not meet the minimum requirements for the 3-year undergraduate programme, or those who do not feel fully prepared for a Level 4 course, will be considered for the 4-year programme including a Foundation Year. If you wish to enquire further, please send your query along with any academic evidence or references to admissions@bucks.ac.uk

Course Modules

Module Map

This module map provides a list of the modules that make up your course.

Each module is worth a specified number of credits (typically either 15 or 30 credits for undergraduate courses). Compulsory (or ‘core’) modules cover key subject knowledge, while ‘option’ modules enable you to develop your own interests. For a full-time course you must take modules worth a total of 120 credits at each level of the course. The number of option modules you can take depends on the number of compulsory modules at each level. You can find more information about how your course is structured via the Academic Advice pages.

Our teaching is informed by research and employer requirements, and modules change periodically to reflect developments in the subject area. In addition, where we have insufficient numbers of students interested in an option module, this may not be offered. If an option module does not run, we will advise you as soon as possible and help you choose an alternative module.

The modules available on this course are as follows:

Foundation Year Modules

  • Introduction to Music Management, Production and Performance
  • Preparing for Success: Knowledge & Creativity
  • Preparing for Success: Self Development & Responsibility
  • Inquiry Based Learning

Year 1 Modules

  • Introduction to Recording
  • Songwriting Principles
  • Songwriting Practice
  • The DIY Musician
  • Music Composition
  • Introduction to Pro Tools
  • Entertainment Industry Framework
  • Performance Development

Year 2 Modules

  • Audio Production Techniques: Studio
  • Commercial Songwriting Principles
  • Commercial Songwriting Practice
  • Music Publishing
  • The Music Entrepreneur
  • Intellectual Property & the Music Industry

Year 3 Modules

  • Production Company Project
  • Professional Skills Audit
  • Composition for Film
  • Lyrical Analysis
  • Research Methods
  • Dissertation


How much does it cost

Full Time Home and EU, September 2019: £9250 per year

Full Time International, September 2019: £12,000 per year

Most courses will involve some additional costs that are not covered by your fees.

You could benefit from financial support through a bursary or scholarship during your time as a student. For more details visit our financial support, bursaries and scholarships section.

Questions about fees?

Contact our Enquiries Team:
0330 123 2023

How do I apply?

For application details please visit bucks.ac.uk/applying-to-bucks


What are my career prospects

As well as helping you establish yourself as a professional songwriter, this course is a great preparation for working in other related areas of the music industry, such as music production, music publishing or artist management.

The solid business skills you gain are widely transferable to other areas as well, both within and outside music, including fields such as music synchronisation.

You could also continue your studies at postgraduate level.

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