Inês Segadães

Exhibition Statement

My name is Inês, and I am currently a third year Graphic Design student at Buckinghamshire New University. In September 2017, I embarked on moving from Lisbon to London to start my further education. From a young age I knew I wanted to study Graphic Design. This was a huge opportunity that I have greatly appreciated. I have always been interested in creating, developing and shaping distinctive brands, and building strong identities. Graphic Design not only gives me space and skills to create and develop my perspectives, but to improve opinions and thoughts as well. Photography is also a passion of mine, in my free time I photograph a lot and I believe it is an excellent tool to expand my creative abilities. Graphic work makes me more comfortable than any other kind of art. I also think this subject is essential for mine and everyone else’s lives, in as much as I believe everything can be improved through creativity.


Ines Segadaes


Final Piece - Video