Emily Hopkins

Exhibition Statement

As a textiles surface designer, I am constantly inspired by the natural world. My goal is to create work that celebrates the brilliant ways nature and man can come together to produce exciting new materials. I go beyond biophilic design and often use or include living organisms in my work.

Sustainability is a huge influence on my practice as I believe it should be to all makers. Innovations in textiles are vital in creating materials that are ethically produced and have minimal effect on the natural environment. I explore this in depth and use experiments with bacteria and micro imagery to fuel my design. The making is the most important area of my design. Kombucha leather is my main material which I grow myself. This fermented tea, SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) and other ingredients, creates a layer of bacterial cellulose which I then dry to make a sustainable, vegan, leather alternative. I am currently creating this revolutionary material, along with natural dyes and sustainable paper, for interior applications such as window coverings, screen dividers and lighting pieces.


Emily Hopkins - Final