Ellie Lennard

Exhibition Statement

Ellie specialises in knitted textiles. Ellie’s final collection ‘Modernist Patchwork’ focuses on the exploration of modernising the traditional patchwork technique, whilst using Spanish architecture and influences from Surrealist artworks. Inspired by her environment and surrounding architecture, her driving force to produce fabrics with a tactility and lustre is finding beauty within our everyday surroundings. Enabling her to produce fabrics and products that derive from the simplicity of objects in our surroundings, and transforming them into a product of our desire. Ellie experiments with the juxtaposition of shape, colour and texture in her application to fashion products. Beginning with creating collages that are distinctly graphic, which feeds into the development of her knitting process, reflecting her love of architectural form. Ellie explores knitted fabrics, screen and digitally printed fabrics, and embroidery. Ellie’s work aims to acknowledge traditional textile techniques and bring these into contemporary design; she works with the belief that, your surroundings - however industrialised or neoteric possess qualities that are beautiful and that these qualities can be displayed in modern media with reference to traditional techniques.


Ellie Lennard - Final