Camilla Olesky

Exhibition Statement

Camilla Oleksy is a material designer who creates textures through hard materials. Her FMP, Neo-Traditionalism: Hard to wear, combines the Japanese concept Wabi Sabi: ‘the beauty of things ‘imperfect, impermanent and incomplete’ with the contrasting Western ideals of beauty. Using a mixture of textured and smooth concrete, inspired by the perfection and imperfections of the theme, connected by macramé knotted rope and the use of a three-tone, monochromatic colour pallet with a hint of terracotta and dusty pink. Camilla found the use of concrete to perfectly line up with the raw feeling of loneliness that is translated through Wabi Sabi design. The use of tonal and textural shapes has been inspired by Norwegian concrete interiors; Camilla developed the tonal layouts through paintings. Aiming to translate her theme with a modern twist Camilla incorporated latex as a backing material to help bind all the materials together. Fabric manipulation techniques such as smocking is used to create structured surfaces that support the concrete elements. As she continues to experiment with hard materials, Camilla aims to continue to push the boundaries of material art.


Camilla Olesky - Final