Amy Dance

Exhibition Statement

Specialising in print design for fashion, I work with new visuals and sustainable materials to reflect current trends while challenging viewers perception of the world. I work in a range of painting, drawing, collage, screen-printing and digital textiles. Creating awareness of social issues and capturing the beauty hidden within these is what inspires me most as a designer. The concept behind my final Menswear Fall 20/21 collection intends to remind people of the beauty lost within the animal kingdom in the past 8.5 million years and the importance of preserving it in the future. Scientists have proven that we are at the start of a mass extinction caused by human activity.

Thankfully wildlife can recover, but not without change. This has been a major influence to my material and design process choices, as well as storytelling of the extinct and endangered species by visually capturing animals within their natural habitat. Through my design I express the importance of the animal kingdom and how we as humans can prevent damage and protect them in the future.


Amy Dance - Final