About the design

Krystian ZunHello!

My name is Krystian Zun and I had the exciting opportunity to work on this year Art & Design End of the Year Show identity.

Every year the University asks one final year BA (Hons) Graphic Design student to create the identity for the annual Art & Design Show. It’s a big competition between all the third year graphics students and I was lucky enough to win.

I started working on my initial ideas straight after the brief was given - back in mid December and the competition wasn’t until end of the January. Being able to design the identity for the Art & Design Show was one of the main goals that I wanted to achieve at university, so I felt quite a lot of pressure to come up with something really strong, especially as all previous years' identities were very good and the bar was set really high.

I came up with the initial concept for the show almost immediately when the brief was given. My inspiration for the design came from the teachers and courses itself. I really liked the fact that so much emphasis and focus is put on making students being able to work on a wide range of work so we become adaptable to different environments. Thinking about it as one of the possible themes and approaches, the first thing that came to my mind was ’collaboration and unity’. I thought that it is a very interesting concept and I started working around it.

In total, I came up with four different visual directions that somehow reflect these characteristics.

I wanted to show how courses work tightly together, putting focus on collaboration and networking, sharing skills and constant development. From there it was just a case of looking at visual themes to show this collaboration and chemistry. It happened that chemistry was the keyword coming up with visual direction.

I also had to keep in mind the design needed to be adaptable enough to work across various formats and for different audiences. I spent a lot of time talking with the primary audience and take their opinions on board.

The range of designs I produced included:

Brochure, hard and soft copy general invitations (VIP and other), web page and social media banners, different posters for the lobby, link bridge and main reception area, TV screen banner, general and T-shirts. On top of that as a part of my course I was looking into how the whole identity could be taken further. I got especially interested in augmented and virtual reality.

I think that one of the biggest challenges that I had to face when working on this project was balancing my time wisely between this commission, part-time job, my final year project work and business. It required thinking forward and planning everything a few weeks in advance, taking into consideration all possible delays or just unhappy fortunes. Very often it happened that I had to finish work whilst having a break at another work, or at the cafes and the airports. Sometimes it was very tiring, however I think that I’m very organised and I’m the type of person who likes to keep himself busy, so to some extent it was also the fulfilment of my dreams.

Now I can’t wait for the show to begin and I’m excited to meet some alumni of the university, potential employers, and the general public.

It has been such a pleasure to contribute my time and designs. Working alongside staff from across the university has been fascinating, and has placed my three years here into a different context. I really learnt a lot, especially how to face and overcome unexpected challenges when things are going in completely different direction.

I feel very grateful to had the opportunity to work on this project. It was amazing opportunity and I would really recommend future students to take this project on. You gain so many skills along the way, plus it’s a great portfolio piece to have. Not only that it’s a great way to network with other professionals.

See more of Krystian’s work below at: Krystian Zun Portfolio and Instagram. You contact him on LinkedIn.