Krystian Zun is a Polish multi-disciplinary designer. Originally born, and raised in Poland, he now lives and works in London.

Krystian’s journey is a little different than most. Krystian began teaching himself design at the age of 14. Always being fascinated by Far East cultures and with a plan to continue his education in Taiwan to further explore the local language and culture, he was treating design just as a hobby. Over time, design became a more important part of his life and the source of more and more complex freelance projects. Due to unexpected turns of fortune, Krystian had to change his original plans and found himself in London. Now he researches, invents and designs. Through concepts, prototypes and products he explores ideas about the future.

He believes that design is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal to tackle the huge and extensive challenges that we face every day. That’s why for the past two and half years, he has been focusing on projects to explore and come up with solutions for a wide range of current world problems starting from food wastage, through racism and discrimination to improve the financial situation of young people using digital money. Krystian’s work is a combination of art, design, science and technology.

Krystian is passionate about exploring how evolving human needs are shaped by the influence of constant technological and societal development and addressing these issues through purposeful, future-facing products.

His professional practice spans from designing websites and corporate identities through advertising campaigns to post production and special effects. This allows him to bring influences in from all over the spectrum.

He is a big believer in side projects and additional personal development. He always tries to participate in various events and workshops. On top of everything else he constantly explores new media and techniques during his ’Creative-Fridays’ initiative which involves completely dedicating this day to private side projects.

Currently he is looking for internships and job opportunities that will challenge him and give him the possibility to develop on new levels.

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See more of Krystian’s work below at: Krystian Zun Portfolio and Instagram. You can contact him through LinkedIn.