Operating Department Practice Bursary

Fees for September 2017 to August 2018 entry

Undergraduate nursing, operating department practice and some other health-related programmes used to be fully-funded by the NHS but, from September 2017, these programmes will no longer be funded in this way. Students will pay the same fees as other undergraduate degree students.

Our courses which are affected by this change:

  • BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult) – from September 2017 entry
  • BSc (Hons) Nursing (Children’s) – from September 2017 entry
  • BSc (Hons) Nursing (Mental Health) – from September 2017 entry
  • DipHE Operating Department Practice – from September 2017 entry

Full details can be found on the Council of Deans of Health website.

Operating Department Practice bursary for September 2016 entry only

We will briefly explain the process below, but for full information on eligibility and the funding available for students on either the degree or postgraduate diploma programme please refer to nhsbsa.nhs.uk/students.

There is a guide to your NHS funding application available here or a video to explain the process below:

You can find further information about the maintenance loan from student finance: gov.uk/student-finance/loans-and-grants

Undergraduate ODP students

  • UK and EU students studying on the DipHE Operating Department Practice programme will have their tuition fees paid in full by the Department of Health.
  • All eligible students will be entitled to apply for an income-assessed bursary which will help with maintenance costs whilst on the course. This bursary is based on either your own, your parents’ income, or that of your spouse or civil partner. Depending on the household income will ascertain the amount of bursary each student will be entitled to receive (this may result in a student being entitled to no bursary if their household income is above a certain amount).
  • As well as the option to apply for the income-assessed bursary, students are entitled to apply for a non-means tested student maintenance loan. The maintenance loan entitlement for nursing students only applies to the proportion of maintenance loan which is non-means tested (72% of the full maintenance loan amount available under the current fees system). Further to which nursing students will only be entitled to 50% of that loan entitlement due to the receipt of their NHS bursary.
    Further information can be found at gov.uk/student-finance/loans-and-grants
  • In addition, all eligible students will be able to apply for a non-means tested annual grant of £1,000 from the NHS Bursary Scheme.

Returning students

  • If you have received NHS bursary in previous years studying on your course, you will need to reapply for subsequent years using your existing BOSS account.

How to apply
You will need to make your NHS student bursary application online through BOSS (Bursary Online Support System). You must make an application in order to receive your tuition fees, bursary, and £1,000 grant. So even you aren't eligible for the bursary, you need to apply to get your fees paid.

You should apply early and can do this before you have been offered a place, you will be able to make any changes through the online system.

Click here to start your BOSS application

Click here to start your Student Finance Application

NHS Student Bursaries Contact
0300 370 1345 or 0191 279 0570

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm
Saturday 9am - 3pm