Choosing a University

Going to university is a major decision – possibly one of the biggest your son or daughter has had to make so far. So it’s crucial that they take their time, and look for the course and university that’s the best fit for them and their aspirations.

Here, we outline some of the things worth considering when looking for a course or university. Ultimately, it is a decision for your son or daughter to make – but you might like to support them, by talking things through together, and seeing whether what’s on offer fits with their priorities and plans.

We’ve also included some reasons why Bucks is a great choice. But the best way to get a feel for that – and to see what we offer on campus – is to come along to one of our open days .

There are several things to think about when choosing a higher education course. Encourage your son or daughter to do as much research as possible, as early as possible, to help them keep to the application deadlines .

Pointers for choosing a course:

  • Narrow the options first – courses your son or daughter definitely won’t want to study can be discounted, along with courses where they won’t meet the entry requirements
  • Location – do they want to study close to home or further away? What is most important to them? Being near the best job opportunities or close to a beach?
  • Availability of courses – not every university runs every course, so if your son or daughter has already decided they want to go to a certain place or study a particular subject, their choices will already be narrowed down
  • Subject area – favourite subjects or subjects they did well in at school or college often lead to a successful degree outcome. However, university is also a great opportunity to try something new. The most important thing is that the chosen course will set them on the right career path.

Try the UCAS course finder to search through all undergraduate courses at UK universities based on subject, provider or location.

And take a look at what courses we offer at Bucks, that might appeal to your son or daughter – we have a range of exciting, career-focused courses to choose from, in everything from aviation to cyber security.

As with choosing a course, there’s a lot to consider when choosing the right place to study:

  • Course availability – does the university offer the course your son or daughter wants to study? Check our course finder  to see if Bucks offers their preferred course
  • Location – is the location right for them? Have you looked at local amenities and travel links? You can read about our great location on the London borders here.
  • Costs – are course fees and accommodation charges in line with your expectations? See our fees and funding and accommodation pages for details of these at Bucks
  • University facilities – is the university well equipped for both courses and social activities? We’ve spent over £100 million on our facilities at Bucks in the last decade to give our students access to everything they need to get ahead. We also offer students our unique Big Deal package  to give them access to a huge range of activities including sports, societies and skills workshops – and it’s all free of charge
  • Is there any student support? We offer a range of excellent student services to support your child during their time with us
  • Reputation – finally, is the university well known for the quality of teaching in the area your son or daughter wants to study? At Bucks, we have a great reputation in lots of professional fields, from music management and aviation, to nursing and policing.