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Bucks in your country

Our Recruitment Officers regularly undertake overseas trips - any trips planned in your country will be listed here. We hope to meet you soon!

Please note that the entry criteria detailed below is for the majority of courses, however some courses such as BSc (Hons) Nursing, BSc (Hons) Professional Practice (Healthcare), BSc (Hons) Social Work and BA (Hons) Air Transport with Commercial Pilot may require higher academic and English levels.

Contact advice@bucks.ac.uk to find out more about your specific requirements for your chosen course.

You may be eligible for a Bucks scholarship

For further information on entry criteria, terms and conditions, deadlines, and how to apply, please visit our bursaries and scholarships page.

Academic entry requirements

We require successful completion of the Świadectwo Dojrzałości with an overall score of 60%.

If you do not meet the above requirement and you have obtained a Świadectwo Ukończenia Liceum Ogólnokształcącego,

you may be eligible to study our foundation programme. Please send copies of your qualifications directly to us at admissions@bucks.ac.uk.

If you have any other qualifications contact us directly at admissions@bucks.ac.uk

Students are exempt from providing proof of English language if they achieve 90% English Matura Basic Oral & Written or 60% English Matura Extended Oral & Written.

Mathematics entry Requirements

We require a grade of 50% at basic level or 40% at Advanced level in the Świadectwo Dojrzałości.

Academic entry requirements

We require successful completion of a Licencjat / Inżynier with an overall pass from a UK NARIC-recognised institution.

Students are exempt from providing proof of English language if they achieve 90% English Matura Basic Oral & Written or 60% English Matura Extended Oral & Written.

Mathematics entry requirements

We require a grade of 50% at basic level or 40% at Advanced level in the Świadectwo Dojrzałości.


My name is Beata Napora. I come from Poland. I’m currently enrolled in my third year studying BA (Hons) International Travel and Tourism Management at Buckinghamshire New University.

Why I’ve chosen Bucks

I enjoyed the Open Day as I had the chance to meet with future lecturers who explained the course in detail and how it would broaden my horizons. The lecturers were all really pleasant with me and the other participants on the day.

I also like the fact that Bucks is a small university. You can talk to the lecturers without any delays or queuing and you are easily recognised while walking through a corridor.

The university is located in High Wycombe, which is close to London but a much quieter place. I personally appreciate a less noisy environment, especially when studying requires me to be focused.

I quickly blended in well with the culture as Bucks New University has a fully functional Students’ Union through which you can make new friends and the university promotes an inclusive environment

My impression of the course structure

My first year on the course was full of presentations and reports.  The writing and presenting method used was descriptive. This method developed my ability to form with accuracy a picture of what is written about and pay close attention to detail. In my second year, I was already in a position to structure my thoughts effectively, but this time my assignment also required to apply critical thinking in my writing. Although this meant more work for me, it made me more mature in writing and thinking.  Now in my third year, I am able to think 100% critical and looking forward to applying this skill in my dissertation. I’m confident that the above skills will significantly help my employability as they are highly valued by employers worldwide.

I enjoy all my modules equally. Some of those include sustainability, customer service, modules relating to business, destination planning, events and tourism safety. However, the best bit was that in my second year I opted to do a work placement in the tourism industry. So I worked as a holiday rep at Thomas Cook! I’ve had my training in Portugal and then worked in Bulgaria for four months. I will soon continue my work placement for another six months in Lanzarote, an amazing Spanish island off the north coast of Africa. I’m very appreciative of Bucks for this opportunity and flexible approach whilst still a student, since this experience can only boost my success as a student and employee further down the line.

The work experience has helped improve my already good grades. Because of it, I now feel that I’m familiar with the content of the lectures and my confidence has been boosted significantly.

Money matters and entry requirements

Fees and financial aid was one of my biggest concern before joining but the university is worth every penny as the skills I have obtained are invaluable. The Student Loans Company – a government-owned, organisation in the United Kingdom - provides loans and grants to students in further education. I feel the loan repayment was fair. Initially I was sceptical and wondered how this repayment is possible? The interest from the loan is cheap compared to buying a car and also investing in my education is an investment in my future life so worth the money.

The entry requirements was another unavoidable element in the whole process of joining the University but with a bit of an effort I was successful in meeting them. I have doubts if I would have the same opportunities as the ones I’ve had in this institution should I have chosen to study in Poland instead. This is why I appreciate the UK for its education system, Bucks New University for how amazing it is and my lecturers who bring the best out of me.

A typical day

I start my day by going to the gym to raise my energy levels ahead of the day. I then attend a three hours workshop followed by a break. After that I go to the Aviation Society’s meetings where I can network, meet with industry professionals or just socialise. I then go to work at the university bar.

On Sundays I spend much time at the 24/7 library where I prepare for my studies by either going through PowerPoint slides from past workshops, reading academic literature or preparing assignments.

On other days, I might be working the morning shift as a student ambassador or attending an appointment with the Learning Development Unit where I‘m offered support in developing my academic abilities. There are days where I also take singing lessons thanks to ‘The Big Deal’ scheme which allows you to experience new hobbies and socialise with broader groups of people, all free of charge! My day usually finishes with me studying and getting closer to my goal of graduating with a 2:1 degree.

My overall experience

I am aware that I have to keep developing myself to get ahead in my career and I know that there are areas where I still have to improve upon. However, Bucks has already provided me with the necessary skills to climb up the career ladder. Moreover, I feel knowledgeable, not only in the tourism field but in other areas as well thanks to all the learning resources available at Bucks.

So to sum up my experience at Bucks so far: Money well spent, course well-structured, lecturers and staff helpful all the time and support at your doorstep.