Tier 4

If you are a citizen of a country from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, you will likely need to apply for a Tier 4 visa to study at Bucks New University. You can find most of the information regarding this visa route on the UK Government website, but you can find more information on the following sections.

Before you can begin the visa application process, a Certificate of Acceptance Statement or CAS will need to be issued to you and will only be issued to you once we have received all documents related to your application.

The following documents will be required as part of your application:

  • signed Unconditional Offer Letter (Signed by applicant)
  • academic Qualifications – If the original is not in English, the document will need to be translated by an official translator
  • evidence of Payment Receipt or Approved Sponsorship Evidence
  • financial Evidence - E.g. Bank Statements, Birth Cert, Permission Letter
  • evidence of Immigration History - E.g. Immigration History Questionnaire, CAS, Results, Exit Evidence, Vignettes, BRPs, Refusal Documentation, Curtailments
  • valid Passport

A CAS will only be issued to once your deposit has cleared in our accounts, evidence of your funds will need to show the remainder of your tuition fees, plus maintenance and should be held in an accessible bank account for 28 consecutive days.

As evidence of your money, you can use any one or more of these forms of evidence:

  • personal bank statements
  • certificate(s) of deposit
  • letter from your bank, or a regulated financial institution
  • letter from an official financial sponsor [see below]
  • letter from a regulated financial institution confirming that you have a loan [see below] from the national government, the state or regional government, or a government-sponsored student loan company
  • letter from a regulated financial institution confirming that you have a loan [see below] that is part of an academic or educational loans scheme
  • statements of a passbook from a building society

Once all the above has been completed, a CAS will be issued to you, no earlier than 3 months before the start date of your course.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please speak to the Admissions Officer.

You will need to pay the health surcharge for each year of your course and is charged at £150 per year.

The Tier 4 application form will calculate the amount that you need to pay and ask you to pay it before you can complete your Tier 4 application. Once you have done this you will receive an email containing your IHS reference number. This number will automatically be included on your Tier 4 application form cover sheet.

Once you have received your CAS, you are then ready to complete the complete the Tier 4 application form online. You can start working on completing the visa application as early as you like, your application will not be submitted until the application fee is paid.

Pay the immigration health surcharge, choose which type of application to make and pay the application fee online – at this point you have made your application.

You will be asked to provide your biometrics for your Biometric Residents Permit (BRP).

The Home Office will consider your application and advise you whether to grant or refuse your application and confirm this with a decision letter. If your application is refused, you will need to inform us as soon as possible.

If your application has been successful your biometric residence permit (BRP) will be ready to collect from your designated Post Office after you have arrived in the UK.

Check that all of the details on your BRP are correct, including the conditions and length of leave. You will need to have your BRP and your passport with you when you come to enrol.

If as part of the conditions of your visa include registering with the police, you will need to do so within 10 days of arriving in the UK.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please speak to the Admissions Officer.

In 2012 the Home Office introduced credibility interviews for those applicants applying for Tier 4 visas from overseas. This scheme was quickly introduced globally and now all applicants can be asked for a credibility interview. The purpose of the interview is to ascertain that a student's intentions to study in the UK are genuine. Depending on where you have applied for your visa, the interview can occur at different times and places so it is important that you are ready for this as soon as you make your visa application.

Students should be familiar with the University, the location and the chosen course of study in some detail. Bucks New University conducts admission interviews for all Tier 4 students where you will be asked questions on a range of topics so it is important to be prepared!