Living in the UK

Cost of living

When you make your visa application to be an international student, you’ll be asked to show you have the financial means for living expenses. Here, we give you an idea of what to budget for while studying in the UK.

There are other expenses to consider on top of your tuition fees, including accommodation, travel, insurance, course materials and equipment – and general living expenses such as food, toiletries and clothing.

The following links provide useful information on managing your basic living costs as an international student. We’ve also included a handy student calculator to help you budget more effectively:

  • Guarantor service for international students
  • Manage your money with Loot
  • International student calculator

There may be other course-related costs to factor in too, so it’s worth checking our fees and funding page for full details.

There are several high-street branches of well-known banks within walking distance of our Wycombe and Uxbridge campuses, where you can open an international student account.

To do this, you’ll need a letter from the University confirming you’re a student here, proof of your UK address while you study, and some photo ID. Note that some banks may charge a monthly fee, and it pays to shop around for the account that best suits your needs.

When arriving in the UK, you may wish to bring a small amount of British money with you for food and travel. Or at least check that you can use your bank card to withdraw money from UK cash machines.

We want you to be safe while you’re with us in the UK, so here are some simple tips for ensuring a trouble-free stay:

  • Keep all windows and doors closed and locked when you’re not at home
  • Avoid walking alone at night
  • Only travel in licensed taxis
  • Let friends and family know where you are, and when they can expect you to return home

All Tier 4 applicants seeking visas for more than six months must pay an 'immigration health surcharge’. This will entitle you to free health services from the NHS while you’re in the UK.

We recommend you register with a doctor’s surgery as soon as possible once you’ve arrived in the UK – or you won’t be able to make an appointment if you become unwell. To register, you’ll need a letter from the University confirming you’re a student here, and some photo ID.

If you need urgent health support out of your doctor’s surgery opening times, there are out-of-hours surgery options available. Find out more at the NHS

We recommend you arrange contents insurance  for while you’re in the UK. This will cover your belongings against loss, damage or theft.

If you need urgent assistance with a health-related problem, or if you need to report a fire or a crime, call 999 and ask for the relevant service. To report a non-emergency crime, or to speak to a police officer about a non-urgent issue, call 101.

If you need to contact family or friends at home before you buy a suitable SIM card for international calls, you can visit the international office .

There are many mobile providers in the UK, and plenty of phone shops near our High Wycombe and Uxbridge campuses. You’ll easily find the right SIM cards and the best deals to help you stay connected with family and friends at home.