Arriving in the UK

If your visa application is successful, your leave to enter the UK will be issued by the UKVI and an entry clearance vignette will be put in your passport. This will allow you a 30 day window to travel to and enter the UK.

Once you have entered the UK, you are required to pick up your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) within 10 days of arrival from a local Post Office (chosen based on the Post Code entered on your visa application form). This information will be written clearly on your decision letter.

Your BRP will look like this:

A sample of a British Residence Permit

This card will list your eligibility period for study in the UK and will include your working hours (if they are permitted at all) under the ‘Remarks’ note.

In addition to picking up your Biometric Residence Permit, you may also need to register with the local police. If you need to register, you must go to the police within 7 days of you arriving in the UK if you applied for a visa from outside the UK or getting your BRP if you applied to stay for longer from inside the UK. To find out if you need to register with the police, you can visit the Home Office website here.

Those applicants who have paid their NHS surcharge as a part of their visa application, will also need to register with a local NHS practice. To find the closest practice to your address in the UK, you can ask any one of our helpful Student Centre staff or contact us via any of the contact links contained on this section of the website. We recommend that you do this as quickly as possible to ensure that you are covered in the event of illness.

Finally, once you have received your entry vignette, it is important you understand that you have a number of responsibilities as an international student in the UK. These include abiding by your working restrictions, not drawing on state benefits to which you are not entitled, notifying the Home Office/University of changes in your circumstances and notifying the Home Office/University if you change your address.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.