Farid Arya

Lecturer in Engineering and Product Design

Art, Design, Performance and Engineering


My name is Farid Arya, I am a researcher and lecturer in Engineering/Product Design. I completed my PhD in 2014 working on advanced vacuum glazing in the Centre for Sustainable Technologies at Ulster University. I have been involved in several National and International projects including development of a highly efficient solar collector and practical development and evaluation of advanced low heat loss glazing systems. My research focuses on Renewable Energy and Energy Saving systems. I have written a number of peer reviewed publications and articles on my work and attended a number of international conferences for dissemination of my research findings.

I have been actively participating in writing research proposals for research funding from National and International funding bodies and made significant contributions to the development of a three year EPSRC funded research project (EPSRC/ EP/K010107/1) for the developemnt of an evacuated flat plate solar collector. My work was also contributory in attaining funding under the Invest Northern Ireland ‘Proof of Concept’ scheme for the development of a Concentrating Photovoltaic Evacuated Glazing (POC 302).

In addition, I was involved in developing an EU research proposal under the Horizon2020 funding scheme; since 2016 I have been involved in this project collaborating with a group of 14 universities and industry-based research groups from across the EU.

I have prepared a few research proposals for research funding; I am in touch with several universities from UK collaborating on these proposals.

I have been also undertaking consultancy projects for local industries providing expertise on the evaluation and development of insulating products and systems.