Richard Jones


Associate Professor Education & Research

School of Business, Law & Computing


Richard Jones is an Associate Professor in the School of Business, Law and Computing responsible for leading undergraduate and postgraduate level Computing, Artificial Intelligence and digital-Learning courses. He is a chartered member of the British Computer Society, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a convenor of the Society for Research in Higher Education.

His experience includes roles as an industrial Computer Architect, Technical Manager, and researcher with the National Foundation for Cancer Research. He is an experienced teacher in schools, colleges and universities.

His educational leadership has been recognised via Nuffield Centre of Excellence and National Beacon awards, along with a University Senior Fellowship and Inspirational Tutor awards for his sustained innovative teaching and research.

He has published and presented nationally and internationally, runs numerous digital-learning workshops, e-assessment and social-media & academic identity. Co-chaired International HE conferences. He is known for his expertise in the use of nascent technology to develop student-empowering digital-learning paradigms.

Through collaboration work his research and enthusiastic expertise continue to support many colleagues enabling them to develop their own expertise, becoming influential leaders in their own right.

His current research is on ‘education paradigms – the loci of control at the boundary of formal and informal teaching and learning’.

His industrial, teaching and research experience have developed into an expertise in digital-Learning, with his approach founded on a rhizomatic heutagogical paragogy educational philosophy, (RHP – ‘A complex, self-determined, decentralised peer learning approach), which supports students within the context of graduates’ future employability and their impact on society.