Dr Maurice Gledhill

B.Sc Hons, PGCE, M.Ed, EdD

Associate Professor

School of Aviation and Security


As an Associate Professor in the School, most of my time is spent in liaising with colleagues to ensure we operate effectively and efficiently our Aviation, Tourism and Logistics programmes. I am particularly involved in aspects which impact directly the student experience, including the running of modules, staffing and timetable planning. As a Leadership Team we work together with all School colleagues and beyond, to plan, implement and monitor a first class set of applied, relevant programmes.

I teach a range of Aviation and Tourism modules, having begun my career teaching in the Physical Sciences and evolving to embrace subjects from the applied business and humanities disciplines.

I have had a keen interest in work-based learning for many years, and have remained very involved with our part-time programmes. I took both of my Higher Degrees on a part-time basis, so have a keen personal experience of the pressures under which an increasing number of our students study.