Mr Danny Clarke

PGCE, BSc Hons (Nursing), FHEA

Senior Lecturer


Danny is a motivated registered nurse with many years of practical experience in the high-level care of patients in the operating department. With in the clinical area Danny has gained much varied experience of numerous surgical specialities ranging from neruro to emergency surgey. Danny does have a keen interest in urology surgery with a focus on gender reassignment surgery and postoperative patient care Additional to this Danny has been working in full time education teaching on undergraduate and post graduate courses and modules. Aligned to this, Danny has presented at University and International conferences on the subject of student engagement with e-portfolios. Danny’s research interests are on how to improve student engagement with the e-portfolio platform with the use of marking rubrics for the assessment of the e-portfolio A secondl area of academic research that Danny is interested in is experiences of lecturers as they assess students academic work. These academic interests have led to Danny developing novel ways of designing the e-portfolio platform to benefit the academic growth of students both clinically and academically and those of lecturers.