Mrs Sarah Kirby-Ginns


Senior Lecturer


Sarah has extensive experience in the graphic design industry since graduating in 1998 from Central Saint Martins. Since 2006, alongside her industry practice, she has been involved in academia, as a senior lecturer. Adjoining her professional practice and teaching she is also currently a part time PhD candidate at The Royal College of Art, London within the department of communication. Her research is exploring mainstream brand identity designers reflexivity in relation audiences experiences and uses a mixed methods methodology to develop a new approach for use in the ideation stages of their design process in this context. Professional Specialities — Design for print and digital communications — Branding and brand identity design (incl. strategy, experiential and re-brand) / editorial design / exhibition design / information design (incl. spatial and wayfinding) / data visualisation/ socially engaged and sustainable design / behavioural led design / art Direction / idea generation/ design research and research methods in design/ reflexivity and reflection in design / audoence theory / communication theory / audience theory / practice-led research — Leadership, ability to mentor and provide creative direction — Project management — Large and small scale projects for private, public and third sector clients — Learning and teaching (incl. curriculum planning, pastoral care and assessment) — Knowledge and experience using both quantitative and qualitative research methods and understanding of a variety of methodologies.