Mr Michael Farquharson


Academic Lead for Recruitment


I am the Professional Lead for Learning Disabilities within the BSc (Hons) Nursing programme, a role that always creates new opportunities and enables my passion. My strength in teaching and learning are my knowledge in both academic and vocational skills and I view these with equal importance to students and practitioners alike. My MA focused on learning opportunities with an alternative placement and the role of the HEi’s, students and mentors. In a previous life I was a community nurse working with adults and children that were learning disabled. My nursing career was varied and included working with physical, emotional, psychological and those with forensic needs. My extensive educational insight and knowledge allows me to capture the individual’s ability to develop and progress.

I am now the Academic Lead for Recruitment a challenge that allows me to further analyse my interest in nursing applicants. I recognise nursing student’s strengths and as well as the challenges.  I strive to strengthen the learning opportunities for students to achieve both a theoretical and practical perspective, using a combination of my own experiences.  I am the Module Lead for NS622 ‘Leadership, Management and Inter-Professional Working’. I continue to use my own research findings and the student’s experiences to enable student nurse to develop, explore their learning opportunities and styles.