Mrs Louisa Berry


Senior Lecturer


I am passionate about education and thrive from seeing my students grow, flourish and develop through our programmes and beyond, via our growing alumni. I have had the privilege of teaching throughout my career and have teaching qualifications in the healthcare, equestrian, military and higher education sphere. I am a Fellow of Advance HE and currently applying for Senior Fellow status.

I am also a dedicated practioner and maintain my knowledge, skills and interests in my specialist areas. My expertise in Organisational Resilience and its components, stems from a career in dynamic and challenging environments. This includes NHS emergency planning, resilience and response. As Head of Department, I oversaw the trust preparedness for and response to the London 2012 Olympics and preparedness for potential Ebola cases in 2014. Complex strategic change and other capital projects, as well as complex team turnarounds up to and including Executive Board Level. As a former nurse and qualified public health practitioner, I have been part of the unit response to the pandemic in 2009/10 and many complex investigations. My clinical speciality also included intensive care and operating theatre practice. I am former Officer in the British Army, as part of a specialist hospital squadron and saw active service in 2003.

My commitment to my students and the development of the study and practice of resilience is underpinned by the determination I have for my own development and interests. I am currently in year two of my part time PhD study, investigating the UK Prevent Strategy.

Please contact me to have a chat about your next steps.