Mr David Rawcliffe

EN(M), RMN, Dip. N., BSc, Pg.Dip, MA, Msc

Senior Lecturer

Nursing and Allied Health


I have been nursing since 1977 and during this time, I have worked in all areas of mental health care for example, acute to forensic, rehab to dementia, in patient, community and management (educational). However. I have worked in the general hospital and within the learning disability community, again in a variety of settings from challenging behaviour units through to complex care, day, hospital and residential care.

At one point I was on two national nursing committees which examined the role of learning disability nurse education. Further, I have developed an interest in autism, worked in specialist forensic autistic units and with individual’s in the community. I have presented and run research conferences. I have published on Autism (three times); Disabled Student’s experience of support; mentoring; Irlen Syndrome; Self compassion; Post Traumatic Stress / Success; and Flourishing.

Previous research Over the last 16 years I have been a Senior Lecturer at Buckinghamshire New University, where I have had various roles including Disability Champion, and I am currently the Professional Lead for Mental Health and Service User/Carer Champion. I have won the most inspirational tutor award three times over the last eight years, this is particularly pleasing as it is a student lead nomination.

Published: Trauma for All (Research into Service User and Staff Experience of seclusion). Further presented this at the International Psychiatric Nurses in Research conference. Completed research into the Disabled Student’s experience of support, which was presented at a Teaching and Learning Conference. Did a study into perceptions of Irlen Diagnostician’s perceptions of the impact of Irlen Syndrome on the mental health of individuals. Which was subsequently presented at the European Network of Irlen’s Syndrome. This is about to be published in a book on Self and Positive Education. Then I did an Auto-Ethnographic Study into Flourishing of a mental health lecturer. This was then presented at the first Positive Psychology Symposium. Then slightly adapted and presented at the European Network of Positive Psychologists. I am currently developing a piece of research which examines knowledge of wellbeing and strengths, plus wellbeing and self compassion with support as usual for experienced acute staff and the impact on them and the people they care for.