Mr David Rawcliffe

EN(M), RMN, Dip. N., B.Sc. (Hons) First class in mental health nursing, Pg.Dip, in education for health and social care, MA in Education for nursing, Masters of Science in Applied Positive Psychology


Application of Positive Psychology in nursing practice. Qualitative research. Autism, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Service user and carer.
Chapter on Autism in Mental Health and Wellbeing Textbook (published August, 2015, editor Colin Martin). An emotional journey: An autoethnography examining mindsets and the flourishing continuum, Conference Presentation (summary available on application). Conference presentation on Positive Psychology run by the Psychology Department, Buckinghamshire New University. Trauma for all: a pilot study of the subjective experience of physical restraint for mental health inpatients and staff in the UK. (Effects of incidents leading to restraint on patients and staff and their relationship (August 2002) Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing (with G Bonner *, N Wellman, T Lowe), 9(4), 465-47.