Policing is changing in response to complex challenges at local, national and global levels.  The Police Service needs to recruit both Police Officers and non-warranted Police Staff from all communities so that it can be truly representative. Police staff now routinely investigate all levels of crime and frequently undertake demanding problem-solving and key management roles within diverse teams dealing with front line operational challenges such as the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults, and the investigation of serious and organised crime.

If you are considering a career within the Police Service as either a Police Officer or Police Staff, or even a role within the broader criminal justice and security environment, either of our undergraduate Policing programmes will support you in developing your skills, knowledge and understanding to a level that will add real value in your chosen career path. We have worked in partnership with Thames Valley Police in delivering various policing programmes for over 15 years. We actively encourage our students to become Special Constables within Thames Valley Police or to undertake another Voluntary role within the community. This is not an essential requirement, but it does provide a great opportunity to gain real operational experience and insights, enhancing key competencies related to employability within the sector.

Our students learn the importance of effective communication and professionalism, the layered complexities of communities, the law, police discretion, and ethical conduct. They consider how good quality research can add value to an evidenced based policing approach. Against the background of changing threats, volatility, uncertainty, rapid change and ambiguity, our policing students graduate as creative thinkers and problem solvers, with diverse opportunities to undertake careers not just within policing, but across the whole criminal justice system.

Our policing courses

  • Our BSc (Hons) Police Studies with Criminal Investigation programme is aimed at those who are considering a career as either a Police Officer, or Police Staff or a career in the broader Criminal Justice and Security environment. This degree will help you to take an informed decision about your future career destination and takes a broader examination of policing and related activities rather than a specific focus on preparing you for a career as a Police Officer.  Applicants should be aware that from 2020 onwards graduates who complete this degree and successfully apply to become Police Constables will have to undertake a graduate conversion programme during their initial police officer training. This graduate conversion programme is currently being developed by The College of Policing and we are supporting the College of Policing in this work. This course can also be studied with a Foundation Year.
  • Our  BSc (Hons) Professional Degree in Policing is The College of Policing approved pre-join programme and is recognised by the police service nationally as a professional academic degree based upon the national curriculum for the police constable role. Applicants should be aware that although this is a qualification recognised by the police service, there is no guarantee that successful completion will lead to an employment opportunity. The Police Service has its own selection procedure and entry requirements, which include physical requirements as well as background and vetting enquiries. Advice on these requirements should be sought from the Police Service.

Our teaching staff includes professionally qualified former police officers and police staff. They have extensive experience of operational, strategic, and support roles within policing, and multi-agency working with the wider criminal justice system.  We have been working with the College of Policing to develop our courses in line with the changing policing landscape.