Welcome to the Department of Media & Creative Industries

At Buckinghamshire New University we build careers.

The Department of Media & Creative Industries specialises in innovative industry-linked collaborative projects that are woven into the undergraduate curriculum. This approach fosters employability, and engenders an entrepreneurial spirit in our graduates.

From their second year onwards, students routinely work in conjunction both with students from an array of other courses as well as (in many instances) significant industry partners. These include BBC Introducing, Watford Football Club, various leading advertising agencies, major and independent record labels, various broadcast technology partners, animation studios - the list across creative industries in the UK is extensive.

Academic teams that lead curriculum delivery are highly credible. Many of the lecturers at Bucks have enjoyed outstanding success in their respective professional fields; from careers at major record labels, producing and directing cameras for live sport on national and international television, from facilitating live sound to managing tours for major international music artists, animating characters within major international cinematic releases, developing scripts for some of the biggest UK film success over the last twenty years, designing motion graphics that appear on prime time television every day, capturing sound for VTs that appear in prime time TV.

This is just a snapshot of activity that is underpinned by academic staff whose currency spans an array of relevant interests; from storytelling and audience engagement across new and emerging (transmedia) platforms, digital marketing via social media, from the impact of new and emerging technologies to the evolution of intellectual property laws and rights ownership in the internet age.

None of us knows exactly what skills and knowledge will be required from employers by the time our next intake of students will graduate, but we do know how to help our students adapt and prepare for a rapidly changing work environment.

Our philosophy is not to develop and deliver a curriculum the easy way, in that project-based learn is fraught with problems. But how else would students improve problem-solving skills, deploy creativity and decision making under deadline-motivated time pressure, develop greater confidence via their successes and enhance their ability to communicate and collaborate in anticipation of the challenges that will face them as graduates?

There are jobs in the creative sector, but our graduates need to be ready to compete. Sir Peter Bazalgette’s recent 'Independent Review of the Creative Industries' (September 2017) identified many strengths and predicted significant growth within the UK’s creative industries.

The Creative Industries contributed £87.4bn in 2015, 5.3% of the UK economy, and grew by 34% - faster than any other sector, outperforming other sectors in terms of employment growth. Between 2011 and 2016, employment in the sector increased by 25.4% (circa 400,000 jobs) compared to 7.6% average across the wider UK. With approximately one million new jobs to be created within creative industries by 2030, our role is significant. Jobs in the creative category are also highly resistant to automation, unlike most other sectors (law, finance etc.).

Students in the School of Arts and Creative Industries at Bucks New University learn with the same tools as the professionals to give them an edge when entering the demanding media job market.

To prepare students for a career in media production, Bucks took the step to become one of first academic institutes in the UK to have a Vizrt broadcast virtual studio system installed.

The goal was to have professional-level graphics, operating software and a green screen studio where the students can learn how to do live TV productions. The University chose Vizrt to provide the software and hardware, giving students a unique opportunity to learn using the same tools as all the major UK broadcasters.

The Bucks New University studio has 6 Viz Engines for rendering real-time 3D graphics, virtual sets (VS), and augmented reality (AR) graphics. It uses character generator Viz Trio to operate the graphics during the live productions. Vizrt’s partner, Motion Analysis Corporation, provides tracking for the VS and AR graphics. Bucks New University also has 10 Viz Artist licenses with which students learn how to design and create graphics for live TV productions.

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