Your Learning: Current Students

The new national lockdown came into effect on Tuesday 5 January and enforces the closure of University campuses until the end of February, except for those studying future critical worker courses.

We can’t wait to welcome you back to our COVID-secure campuses when the time is right, but for now, your learning will take place online. You will receive clarification of the details of this from your course team soon.

How your learning will work – Semester One and Two

Unless your course is considered a ‘Future Critical Worker’ course, your learning will take place online until the Government announce that the national lockdown is over. If you do not study one of these courses at Bucks and your course leader has not contacted you regarding coming in, you should remain at home and continue your studies online. You can find more specific details on this here.

We will endeavour to make sure that you have an opportunity to speak to your personal tutor via a one-to-one phone or video call. Personal tutors will still be available throughout the semester and there will be regular opportunities to catch up with them.

Your timetable can now be viewed by accessing the Timetables Portal. Please remember that all sessions on your timetable will be online, unless specifically advised otherwise by your subject tutor.

Please use our Timetable guide to help you navigate around the timetable section. If you have any questions about your timetable, please read these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) first.

It depends. Your module tutors will be recording sessions (or aspects of them) if it is appropriate and practical to do so. However, please note, we are encouraging staff to design live sessions to be as interactive or practical as possible – whether in-person or online. Where a recording of the live session is not available, details about the session - its activities, any short video clips, any required outcomes and any post-session reflections – will be made available. This is particularly important for anyone who cannot take part in the live session and is also a helpful and inclusive learning resource for those who can attend.

Your tutor will record your attendance at face-to-face sessions and this information will be used to undertake ‘Track and Trace’ should you or a member of staff or a fellow student test positive for COVID-19. Please ensure that the tutor knows of your presence in the session so that they can record your attendance. Your cooperation and patience while this is done will be much appreciated.

All our student support services will remain fully operational, and all students will have access to support and help when they need it. We will offer a mixture of online and face-to-face services to ensure we are responsive to all our students at their point of need.

Please visit our website for all the support that is available for you.

In the first instance you can go to the Academic Advice pages for current students.

You should check your assignment brief for details of how to submit your assessed work but most assessed work will be submitted online.

You must ensure that the Student Centre and your Personal Tutor know that you are self-isolating. If you are feeling well and can continue with your learning, our staff are working to create support materials to help you to engage wherever you are. These won’t be an exact replica of any sessions that you have missed, but will include enough information and materials to ensure that you won’t fall behind during your period of self-isolation.

The support materials will differ between courses, due to the different teaching approaches they adopt and the topics under study, so please talk to your tutor to find out what is on offer for you and how best to engage with it.

No Detriment Policy: Emergency Measures

This policy is in place to provide for additional measures to support you at times when circumstances beyond the University’s control may impact on your studies and your academic performance. The University has extended the implementation of specific measures for the remainder of the 2020-21 academic year. These recognise that, due to COVID-19, you have faced disruption in your personal and academic life: they focus on enabling you to manage individual difficulties and relieve pressure around the time you are preparing for and attempting assessments. The measures cover Mitigating Circumstances and Extensions, late submission of coursework, and reassessment opportunities, and consider detrimental impact at award stage.

The University is relaxing the requirement for you to provide evidence as part of a request for an Extension or a claim for Mitigating Circumstances. You may self-certify rather than seek independent evidence which should make the process of applying quicker and easier.

For further information and the forms click here.

Yes, you can; the University is relaxing the requirement for you to provide evidence as part of a request for an Extension or a claim for Mitigating Circumstances.

  • If you are a Bucks-campus student who is self-isolating due to Coronavirus, the fact that you have informed the Student Centre will be enough evidence for your claim/request.
  • Partner students should follow their own reporting mechanism: claims should include a supporting statement from the Partner College.

For further information and the forms click here.

We set assessment deadlines so that you don’t have to submit assessments for different modules all at once, so it’s best if you plan to hit the original dates given on Blackboard. Under standard regulations you may normally submit assignments up to 10 working days later than the original submission date, and they will be marked and given a capped mark – a maximum of 40%. Under the No Detriment Policy measure this penalty is removed so assignments submitted in the late submission period will be given the full mark. Pass/fail assessments will also be given a late submission opportunity.

Late submission does not apply to online or in person Time-Constrained Assessments (TCAs) or Examinations, and it is not available for reassessment work.

Yes - the measure allowing full marks rather than capped ones also applies to In Year Retrieval submissions. As usual, in year retrieval is available to Foundation Year and Level 4 students for modules taken in the first Semester of study only.

Assessment Boards will normally allow you to submit reassessment work where you have not passed modules: under the No Detriment Policy measure, reassessment set in 2020-21 will be given the full mark instead of being capped at 40%, so you’ll not be disadvantaged. However, if you have a proven academic misconduct case, the penalty where reassessment is capped will stand.

Under the No Detriment Policy exceptionally this year Assessment Boards at progression stage will expand compensation at Foundation Year and Level 4. This means that if you have a module mark between 30% and 39% the Board may award the academic credit based on your performance in passing the remaining 90 credits without you having to take reassessment. This is limited to a maximum of 30 credits per Level. NB: compensation does not apply where it is not allowed by PSRB or programme requirements.

Yes - Assessment Boards will look at whether inclusion of your grades from 2019-20 have a detrimental impact on your overall grade. For those undergraduate programmes where Level 5 contributes to the classification at Level 6, the University will consider your result both including and excluding your grade from 2019-20: the higher of the two grades will be used for your final award classification.

Yes, whether you study at Bucks, at a partner institution, via distance learning or through apprenticeship arrangements, the measures apply to you. All learners can make a claim for Mitigating Circumstances or request an extension using self-certification rather than having to provide evidence, and all can benefit from uncapped late submission and reassessment. Assessment Boards apply regulations consistently across programmes, wherever they are delivered.

Yes - the measures regarding late submission and reassessment for full marks also apply to postgraduate programmes. The impact of grades from modules undertaken during 2019-20 will be taken into account by Assessment Boards at award stage.