Adverts highlight dyslexic people's problems travelling in London


Date: 26th Jun 2019

A Buckinghamshire New University student with dyslexia, which affects one in ten people in the UK, says adverts he’s designed show the problems people with the condition face when travelling in London.Adam Whewell

Adam Whewell, 21, who lives and studies in High Wycombe, says he often finds catching the train or bus in and out of London daunting due to deciphering signs and what he sees as little help from other travellers and staff.

The BA (Hons) Illustration student has used Snapchat to design two self-portraits showing the inner struggles commuters with the condition experience and the way signs can appear indistinguishable.

In the adverts, the portraits are merged together, expressing the confusing state Adam has found himself in when travelling, and can be separated when viewed through Snapchat.

“Initially, to the naked eye, the image looks confusing but it depicts what a dyslexic person may see normally,” he said.

“The Snapchat filters show two different images when using two different filters, red and blue, but initially show both images together.

“It’s only when adopting a red or blue filter that people can distinguish one of the faces from the other. This acts as a metaphor for how I often feel - confused and in two minds.

“I have always found communication daunting when travelling on buses or trains, due the amount of signs to follow and a lack of help from other people.

“I want to inform and educate the general public and Transport for London about the problems dyslexic commuters encounter when using their transport system.”

Adam says he will be sending his designs to Transport for London. “I think it would be an effective campaign if adopted,” he added.

Adam has previously studied an art and design extended diploma at Blackburn College. In 2017, he was commissioned to carry out public drawings in Accrington's Arndale Shopping Centre as part of its 30th anniversary celebrations.

Speaking about his degree at Bucks New University, Adam said: “It has been interesting and challenging.

“I enjoyed working to briefs and also having the opportunity to work with companies whilst studying. Overall I would recommend the course.”


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