Dom looks forward to a future in film


Date: 6th Sep 2018

Valedictorian Dom Vine, 25, spoke to a packed audience at the Wycombe Swan on Tuesday during the third Bucks New University graduation ceremony this week.

The BA (Hons) Film and Television Production student, from Sheffield, tells us why Bucks has helped him plan his future in films:Dom Vine with clapper board

What has been your experience of the ‘Bucks family’ during your three years?

The communal feel of Bucks has never ceased to surprise me, whether it’s on a night out making new friends over drinks or students and tutors alike going above and beyond to help each other with their studies, projects and productions.

How did you feel in your first week on campus?

My first week was a blur with so much information to take on, a new town to call home, a new campus layout to learn and a tonne of new friends to make. Simply put, it was exciting, terrifying and brilliant all at the same time!

What have been your ‘best bits’?

The campus really became a second home to me over the three years, and my chosen workstations in the library and edit suites, led to many conversations and friendships with people I'd have never otherwise met.

What have you found most challenging?

The most challenging part of studying for me was meeting my own expectations of myself and what I could achieve. Getting caught up in the mentality of every single mark counting can sometimes hinder self-care.

What has been the most surprising part of your course?

The most surprising part of my course was watching people grow from unassuming students into competent, knowledgeable and powerful professionals, all of which was cultivated by the academic staff.

How do you think Bucks has prepared you for the world of work?

More than anything Bucks has taught me the value of people. That might be it in their professional capabilities as student or lecturer, or in people's ability to be kind, caring and assure that everyone around them is happy, healthy and living their best lives regardless of friendship or differences. I feel confident walking into a professional role knowing that above all, valuing people is the most important aspect of any real career, team or friendship.

What makes you proud of Bucks?

Learning more about the amazing lecturers and what they do professionally outside of Bucks, the books they've published, businesses they run or roles they've previously fulfilled inspires me so much.  The ability to even say I was tutored by these brilliant, intelligent and aspirational people makes me beyond proud.

What do you wish other people outside of our walls knew about Bucks New University?

Bucks is small, and unassuming and may not be the best campus in the world or the key to open every door but Bucks is strong, resilient and cares more than any other establishment I have ever studied at. Knowing I have the support of my tutors and the university staff at large has assured me time and time again that Bucks was and always will be the right choice for me. Studying has been a whirlwind of emotions and even in the worst of times the students, staff and community have helped me through, it will be something I will never forget.

Graduation Week at Bucks New University, in High Wycombe, runs until Friday with eight ceremonies throughout the week celebrating the successes of our students.


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