Audio and Music Production graduate celebrates dual award success


Date: 10th Sep 2018

A BA (Hons) Audio and Music Production graduate says he is aiming to translate academic success into career excellence after being presented with a double-header of awards for the quality of his work.

Ryan Lodge won accolades from leading music equipment manufacture Focusrite and a joint award from home entertainment retailer Richer Sounds and JAMES – the Joint Audio Media Education Services Association.

The ambitious graduate was presented with his awards at his graduation ceremony at the Wycombe Swan theatre in High Wycombe and said he was ‘overwhelmed’ with the acclaim.
Ryan Lodge receiving his award from Focusrite
Ryan worked with coursemates Nabil Zanein, James Dziewulski, and Kai Paxman producing recordings and putting together a marketing plan for singer Katie Blackwell, who has also graduated from Bucks New University, in BA (Hons) Performing Arts (Film TV and Stage). Their work earned them the Focusrite Award for Best Music Sound Recording 2018.

Ryan also won the JAMES/Richer Sounds Award for the highest mark on his course.

He said: “To be recognised in this way for my academic performance is truly gratifying. Audio and music production, through the degree and the discipline in itself, have become part of my way of life in recent years.

“For this commitment to be so greatly rewarded is deeply encouraging and I’m now planning to continue pursuing my aspirations as a mixing engineer and producer.

“I’ve been working on small mixing projects for a while but it’s been tough to fit consistent professional work around my academic schedule and now I’m looking forward to seeing how my academic commitment and discipline will translate to the real world.

“A lot of people in the past have told me how sad they were to leave university but the past three years here have only made me more and more hungry and ambitious for the professional world.

“I think that’s the sign of a successful degree course and a testament to the passion of the staff who have conducted it. I can truly say I’m ready to move onto the next stage of my life, and I’ve got Bucks New University to thank for that.”

Ryan Lodge receives his JAMES/Richer Sounds Award
Speaking about the benefits of studying at Bucks New University, Ryan added: “Without a doubt, it’s been the opportunity to work directly in a range of environments akin to a true industry environment.

“Participating in projects, whether studio recording sessions, live sound events, or recording on film sets, have all offered an indispensable opportunity for development as a working professional.

“Refining my organisational tools, establishing personal workflows, practicing appropriate communication, and building networking skills, are all things which I’ve found to be the most profound to take away from my time at university.

“Studying at Bucks has also allowed me to venture into deeper study of my specific areas of interest as well as discovering some new ones.

“I often found myself, following workshops and lectures in which I’d been introduced to some unfamiliar technology or approach to a familiar task, spending hours exploring further applications and alternative methods of what I’d just been shown, then reassessing my own workflows and considering how I might implement this newfound wealth of knowledge in my own projects.

“I’m sure this is paramount to any effective study, academic or not. Someone can shine a light of suggestion and hopefully it inspires some intrigue but it’s then up to you to illuminate the rest of the picture and figure out how it’s applicable to you.”

Neil Marron, Global Support Manager at Focusrite, presented Ryan, Kai, Nabil and James with £250 Focusrite vouchers. He himself graduated in BA (Hons) Music Industry Management & Studio Production from Bucks New Univerity in 2007.

Neil said: “As a graduate of the course at Bucks New University I understand the effort that is required during the third year recording projects but this year’s batch of entries for the Focusrite production award did not disappoint.

“Ryan, Kai, Nabil and James demonstrated considerable skill in producing two high-calibre pieces that stood out in a strong field.

“There was a great atmosphere, lovely warmth in the well-balanced low end frequencies, plenty of space in the mixes, nothing slammed too hard in the mastering (which was excellently handled), clever use of reverb. Generally they were very professional-sounding, well-balanced mixes.

“Each of the four winners will receive a £250 Focusrite voucher to help upgrade their respective home studios. It has been a pleasure working with Bucks New University again this year and I look forward to our long-time association continuing. For the first time this year we had a former Bucks student and past winner of the Focusrite Award for Best Production, in John Loftus, on the judging panel!”

David Harries of JAMES presented Ryan with £80 of Richer Sounds vouchers and Melvyn Toms, Chair of JAMES, said: “JAMES was delighted with the selection of worthy nominees for this year’s Richer Sounds awards.

“Every year course leaders from JAMES-accredited courses are asked to put forward a student from their course that has demonstrated exceptional skills or undertaken significant research in their field.

“Ryan Lodge received an excellent recommendation from the course leader Gerald Gormley and joined a list of worthy recipients.”

Picture caption 1: (L-R) Course Leader Gerard Gormley, Neil Marron, Ryan Lodge, and Eddie Judd, UK Technical Support Coordinator.

Picture caption 2: Ryan Lodge with David Harries of JAMES.


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