Abigail balances motherhood and university to realise her dream


Date: 4th Sep 2018

Having a university like Bucks on your doorstep has so many benefits, not least saving on living costs if you can still live at home.

But for others, those who thought university was impossible, it can be the chance to turn their dream of a degree into a reality.Abigail with her twins at graduation

Abigail Wright, 23, is celebrating graduating from BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance today (Tuesday) with her proud twin boys, six-year-old Jack and Liam.

The valedictorian, from Aylesbury, tells us why Bucks has helped build her ‘brighter future’:

As a young single parent of twins, I never thought University would be possible, but thanks to Bucks I was able to realise my dream and graduate today.

I can clearly remember the day that I was accepted onto my course at Bucks New University – I was so excited and couldn’t wait to start studying.

In my first week on campus, I was extremely overwhelmed, especially by size of the University and knowing where everything was – I still cannot confidently find the Owen Harris building!

One of my fondest memories of the first week on campus was sat in the Wycombe Swan, listening to ‘ELO – Mr Blue Sky’ on repeat during Welcome Week and being full of anticipation of the journey ahead.

I couldn’t wait to get home after my first day and tell my twins all about it - but seeing as they were three years old then they didn’t really take much interest!

During my three years at University, it has been so evident that the Bucks is so much more than just a place of education.

Within the walls of the campus, there is a family ideal that nurtures each student. I’ve experienced the kindness of the Chaplaincy’s free tea and coffees of a lunchtime (and mints during exams!). I’ve seen how the societies rally to represent our University, and I have been lucky enough to have had my own family embraced by my peers – with my children even attending a lecture!

Bucks does not just welcome you to learn, it offers so much more.

It gives you a community and whether you are a central part of that or a member on the outskirts, it offers a welcoming and nurturing environment so that you always feel like you have a place.

I never realised how much work is involved in the bid to achieve graduation! I always knew that University would be hard, but the sheer workload and academic information that needs to be learnt has been trying and surprising.

But the exhilarating high that came with finishing the course can’t be beaten. Nothing can trump that sense of success and achievement, and it is a feeling which will stay embedded as a memory for the rest of my life.

To see hard work and effort being rewarded is one of the biggest boosts one can ask for.

I remember telling my parents about my grades and their faces will stay etched in my brain forever, it was nice to know it was not just myself that I was making proud.Abigail speaking at graduation

Abigail delivers her valedictorian speech to a room full of graduates.

Bucks has prepared me for work. I started as a graduate Associate for Grant Thornton last month and although we may not have appreciated it, without the Career Viewpoint module on my course I cannot say I would be where I am today.

We were told many things about what we needed to do to establish our future career. It prepared us in a way that many would not have considered without this module.

I feel like at every turn Bucks has striven to guide us to our future successes, while accepting that not everyone will follow the same path.

One of the most challenging parts of university for me personally has been the lifestyle I have had to cope with.

There were days where I would wake up at 5am to revise, get myself and my children dressed, drop them at school, go to work, pick them up and then back to revision when they were in bed.

These circumstances might not be the same for everyone, but the balancing act of university while trying to survive will have tested each and every one of us.

However, it is said that “we don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we are faced with challenges”, and to every person graduating this week this is proof of our growth.

Thanks to our forward thinking lecturers and the support of each other, the world of work which seemed like a maze, now it appears as just a stepping stone in the path of life.

Graduation Week at Bucks New University runs until Friday with eight ceremonies throughout the week celebrating the successes of our students.


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