Transferable skills helping graduate Taimour’s career take off


Date: 20th Nov 2018

An Air Transport with Commercial Pilot Training graduate says the transferable skills learnt in his degree have helped him thrive in his career.Tai Tanweer

Taimour Bin Tanweer, 27, is Director of Global Revenue Management at a leading customer data science company and returned to the University speak to students as part of an 'industry week' of talks from graduates, with advice also given on entering the aviation industry.

Taimour's career so far has taken him from commercial airline pilot on long-haul flights for a well-known airline, to positions including Regional Pricing & Yield Management Manager, to Global Pricing Manager, and to Head of Market Intelligence, Insight & Systems for airlines.

He said his transferable skills had enabled him to advance into other industries such as freight forwarding, media, facilities management and data science.

Speaking about his previous roles he said: “I started off wanting to be a pilot from an early age, flying from A to B.

“However, I did my degree to go into management which actually set me on a path to achieving this. I analysed air fare pricing, air cargo pricing, multi-modal pricing and ultimately, predictive pricing based on human behaviour and how to make the most of that.”

He then went on to complete a master’s in air transport at another institution, where he developed an automated air cargo pricing model which has been reviewed by industry regulators.

Taimour says he has taken ‘huge, challenging responsibilities’ and added: “I have to deal with an annual revenue management budget of £2.1 billion and to achieve this my role involves looking at new products, markets, ideas, technology and different ways of working around the world.”

In his present role, he predominantly works with the CEO, Chief Financial Officer, and senior management, but also with analysts and new employees.

He said: "It’s exciting, fast-paced, and in many ways has built on my degree.

“The biggest thing I took away from studying at Bucks New University would be from the People in Aviation module, which gave an insight on the various roles, responsibilities, challenges and abilities of people in aviation.

"The transferable skills learnt on my degree have helped me enormously in my career, plus I also made a lot of friends who I still visit and who work for major airlines and airports globally."

Speaking about his job, he added: "Taking a global management role really puts you on the spot to work with people with different ideas, cultures, and talents across the world.

“You get the best of both worlds - you get to travel around plus you can put what you learnt to the test.”

Peter Duquemin, Senior Lecturer - Aviation, said: “Tai was one of the first students I taught when I arrived at Bucks New University to teach on its Aviation Management degree programme ten years ago.

“I am so pleased to see the success he has had in the industry and how the knowledge and skills he learned during his three years at Bucks has helped him to pursue such a successful career within the industry.

“I wish him every success for the next ten years”.


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