Holby City and Casualty have nothing on Faye's ODP experience


Date: 16th Nov 2018

‘Why didn’t I do this sooner?’ are the words that spring to mind for a graduate from the Diploma of Higher Education Operating Department Practice (ODP) at Buckinghamshire New University.Faye Kennett

Faye Kennett, 30, is thriving in her career as an Operating Department Practitioner after she completed the two-year course in 2016, having previously worked in retail.

Her career path so far has seen her work at a busy London hospital and a major trauma centre and on top of her day job she is also now enjoying a role back working with Bucks New University as a mentor to ODP students.

She says she ‘wouldn’t change my job for the world’ and that it had ‘opened up the world’.

“In the relatively short time I have been practicing I have experienced a broad spectrum of patient-end experiences,” said Faye. “The good, the bad and the ugly.

“Holby City and Casualty don’t show the gritty side of the job and there is much more than you would expect but I love it and feel I’m flourishing as my career develops.

“The job also doesn’t end in theatres. While the ODP training is primarily theatre-based, to follow the perioperative journey of the patient, our anaesthetic skills can take us out of theatres to deal with many emergencies around the hospital.

“Cardiac arrest – we’re there. Medical emergency – we’re there. Obstetric emergency – we’re there.

"Thanks to our training we are able to assist and support a wide range of requirements around the hospital, including transferring them to other hospitals when necessary.”

Faye says the variety of the job appeals to her.

She added: “We turn up every day, do our jobs to the best of our ability, and make a positive experience for every patient that comes into our care.

“I might not be able to change the fact that ‘Dave’ has been waiting months for a procedure or that ‘Margaret’ has been cancelled, but thanks to my training I can ensure they have the best experience of care.

"The hours can be long and demanding sometimes and there can be ups and downs, highs and lows, but the colleagues I have and the good that I do make it all worthwhile."

Speaking about the course, Faye said it had been ‘amazing’.

Faye KennettShe said: “The lecturers are extremely passionate about the course and this even extends to regular visits when you are out in practice, which you have to do as part of the degree.

“This course has opened up the world to me because I could work overseas or in the military. There’s a wealth of opportunities and I wouldn’t even rule out a return to teach at Bucks!”

Shane Roadnight, Principal Lecturer in Operating Department Practice, said: "We are proud of all of our ODP graduates and Faye is the perfect example of someone that has undertaken the programme, engaged with the team, and taken everything learnt and put this in to practice.

“The competence and confidence acquired by Faye throughout her journey has made her a role model for future students and qualified ODPs alike with a strong focus on patient care and professional development.

“This is a great success story and I am positive that Faye will continue to progress throughout her career as an ODP with within the operating theatre as well as in the associated critical care environment.”

Pictures: Faye Kennett in the Operating Department Practice theatre; and in the theatre while studying.


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