Ambitious graduate Krystian spreads his wings as his career flourishes


Date: 15th Nov 2018

A Bucks BA (Hons) Graphic Design graduate says he appreciates his degree for helping him 'spread his wings' as he embarks on his career.

Krystian Zun, 22, from Poland, is living in London and balancing roles as a product designer for a for a tech startup focused on blockchain technology and junior designer for a creative agency in Los Angeles.

Krystian, who graduated with first-class honours, designed the identity and branding for Bucks New University's Art & Design Summer Show 2018, and said he had ‘warm admiration’ for his degree.

Krystian Zun
He said: "I was often pushed completely outside of my comfort zone, which allowed me to grow and prepared me for working in a very tough and competitive environment.

"Thanks to great tutors and constant hard work I now feel much more confident in approaching new challenges and complicated long-term projects.

"Looking back, I see now how the University had a great influence on my practice and helped me to spread my wings."

Speaking about his work, Krystian added: "One is a creative agency based in Los Angeles, which I have had the opportunity to work for since August this year.

"I’m there as ongoing support as a junior designer, responsible for creating marketing assets for various clients from the entertainment industry.

"It’s very stimulating and interesting as each task is completely different and often requires coming up with new creative approaches to emerging challenges.

"While this and deadlines can be sometimes very stressful the feeling of completing the task is very satisfying and rewarding.

"In October I joined a very talented team based in London at tech startup on a full-time position as a Product Designer.

"We provide infrastructure, applications, and practices enterprises need to deploy, run and integrate with a blockchain in production.

"Currently, I’m responsible for developing a new visual identity of the company to better express the significance of our offering. However, my tasks also include working on user interfaces and user experience of our products.

"Blockchain technology is still fairly new so it's an amazing opportunity to be part of a team that has an impact on its development in such an early stage."

Krystian isn't resting on his laurels though and says he has big plans.

"I believe that design is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal to tackle the huge and extensive challenges that we face every day," he added.

"I wish to continue working on the projects that somehow align with this belief. Apart from that, I’m really interested in psychology and I have a few projects in progress related to that field which I hope I will release soon."

See more about Krystian on his website and contact him on LinkedIn.

Read Krystian's blog about the meaning behind his designs for the Art & Design Summer Show 2018. Here he is speaking about his work.


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