Film and TV student travelled more than 1,300 miles to ‘chase his dream’


Date: 8th Jun 2018

Kevin KohjusPicking up a camcorder when he was just a boy led Kevin Kohjus to the brave decision to leave his home country to follow his dream of studying film-making.

The 20-year-old first year BA (Hons) Film and TV Production student tells us why the lure of learning at Bucks made leaving Estonia worth it.

Why film-making?

When I was about ten and I had the opportunity to use a camcorder. I was fascinated with making short films, experimenting different techniques, and trying to recreate what I saw on YouTube or in movies. A couple of years later, my older brother and his classmate were working with a production company so I got involved with their projects and slowly started taking on bigger roles. Now for the last few years I have earned a living doing part-time jobs as a filmmaker, videographer or photographer, alongside my studies. This all helps me as a student. I can learn and get better for the real world of work. When you can earn living from what you really love, it´s just bonus for your life. Work hard, be brave!

So why Bucks New University?

The only film school in Estonia wasn’t taking new students so the only option I had was to study abroad or to teach myself and work harder towards my goal. After contacting Dream Foundation Estonia, which helps students to study abroad, I learned more about Bucks New University. Bucks offered students the chance to learn and prepare for life in the film and TV production industry and had great studios and equipment.

How did you feel about leaving home to study?

I was extremely anxious, excited and, at the same time, had very big fear because I did not know what was waiting for me! Thanks to clearing, I got in to the University only two weeks before the term began. My life just went crazy from that moment on. It was a bit of bombshell for my family and friends, many just started crying in front of me. It was an emotional time, hours went fast, the sun crept faster than before, but I just knew the best times of my life were waiting for me! I left Estonia with the knowledge that I was going to learn about what I really love doing.

How was your first week on campus?

It was awesome! The people, the environment, culture and also Freshers’ week, which was unique and cool. Everything was so different in comparison with my homeland, unfamiliar - but I liked it! I met new people, made new friends and everything got better.

What have been your ‘best bits’ so far?

Oh wow. Too many! It´s hard to even know where to start. I think my best achievement here has been collaborating with Bucks Students’ Union. Thanks to them I have been given the chance to film large SU events, like the Halloween Ball, where I met people connected to the film industry. From this I was hired for more part-time jobs, like being a photographer for a wedding. I had done weddings in Estonia, but here it was the first time and a unique experience. Awesome! I have also visited London many, many times – and I’d always wanted to go. People and parties have also been cool - a lot of good memories!

Kevin Kohjus at work with video cameraWhat have you found most challenging?

Being away from your home country, away from your family and friends. Secondly for me, it has been speaking and learning a different language when you tired after a long day!

What has been the most surprising part of your course?

We don´t have to sit 24/7 in lectures and listen to theory, we have opportunity and time to practice and make short films. Also, I love the screenwriting lessons, which pushes you to the absolute limit with your creativity. I love it!

What makes you #BucksProud?

You feel like you’re part of a big family, people are nice here and make you feel homely and welcomed.

What would you say to someone thinking of moving away from home and doing their degree at Bucks?

Go for it! Be brave and come to Bucks to chase your dreams. If this is your dream, your passion, your love, then surely, it is worth it? It's a challenge, it's jumping out of your comfort zone, but you’ll learn a lot about yourself and what is around you. It is experience and wisdom that will remain with you for the rest of your life. The University is a good opportunity to build a foundation for your career and valuable time making contacts, acquaintances and friends. It's an adventure!

What’s the dream after Uni?

My dream is to be a cinematographer/film operator in feature films. I have been chasing this dream since I was a kid. I want to make at least one full-length film, a story which will affect the audience in a positive way and last a long time in their memories. It´s a big and massive dream, but it´s possible to accomplish it I think. You just need to believe in yourself, to work a lot and learn from mistakes. Everything is possible!

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